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Chapter 1403: Found the Person Behind Madam Zhu

He seemed to know who the number belonged to. He lowered his eyes and looked down coldly.

The message was very simple. It only said: [Hengfeng Corporation’s Qi family].

Hengfeng Corporation, Qi family.

The answer was more or less unexpected.

Ye Wangchuan rested his hand on his lap and casually raised his fingers. This was a common action when he was thinking about something.

He had gotten someone to investigate the person behind Madam Zhu. He didn’t expect that along the way, he would find the Qi family of Hengfeng Corporation.

Hengfeng Corporation?

The result was somewhat unexpected.

However, Hengfeng Corporation had always had some background in the illegal district. It was just that their background was ordinary and they were not considered one of the top forces in the illegal district.

The Qi family’s power was mainly overseas, in the Middle East.

After Ye Wangchuan finished reading the message, he turned off his phone and looked at Bo Jingxing, who had been reading a book. “Is there anyone related to Hengfeng Corporation in this competition?”

“Why are you suddenly asking this?” Bo Jingxing put down the book in surprise. He thought for a moment and frowned, then looked at him and said slowly, “I don’t think so…”

He was halfway through the sentence when he remembered something. He frowned again and corrected himself. “No, there’s someone.”

“Who is it?”

Ye Wangchuan’s face was thin, and his sitting posture was lazy and casual. However, his restrained black eyes were very sharp, as if they could see through people’s hearts.

Seeing that his expression was quite serious, Bo Jingxing even picked up the water on the table and took a sip. He was stunned for a moment before telling him what he knew.

“You’ve heard of that man. He’s from Country M. His name is Mas.”

Ye Wangchuan paused for a second and then returned to normal. His rose-colored lips pursed and he said meaningfully, “Mas?”

“That’s him.” Bo Jingxing massaged his eyebrows and said earnestly, “Have you forgotten that I once mentioned this person to you when the Ninth Branch was recruiting? He’s stronger than Zhou Wei in the computing field. At that time, I mentioned to you if you wanted to recruit him, but you rejected me. Mas entered the Hengfeng Corporation later on.”

Ye Wangchuan tapped the back of his hand with his slightly cold fingertips and narrowed his eyes.

Bo Jingxing didn’t know what he was thinking. He thought for a moment and said, “Mas can’t actually be considered to have entered Heng Feng Corporation. To be sure, Hengfeng Corporation has been privately funding him for the past two years. He’s mainly responsible for helping the Qi family in the chip research field.

“His research was considered a success in itself. Do you remember that Hengfeng Corporation even took the latest chip to the illegal district for the exhibition?”

Bo Jingxing raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile, “Who knew that he and Hengfeng Corporation would be so unlucky? Our country has also developed a chip similar to theirs. Hengfeng Corporation spent a lot of money and energy researching this chip. Previously, they wanted to find the Red Alliance to adjudicate and rely on their power to pressure the IT Association and frame us for copying their things. In the end, the Red Alliance suddenly stopped helping them and even stood on our side.”

“I know about this!” Qin Si and Zhang Yang were listening to their conversation. Upon hearing this, he finally found a place to interrupt. As if he was suffocating, he quickly interrupted to find his presence. “I was also in the illegal district at that time.”

Unfortunately, Bo Jingxing ignored him and continued slowly in a calm tone, “Hengfeng Corporation suffered a huge blow after that incident. There was a problem with the company’s capital chain and it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Qi Rongguang used many connections, but it was useless… I don’t know what he did after that. In any case, Hengfeng Corporation narrowly survived that crisis and recently recovered.”

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