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Chapter 1402: It’s All Because of My Pig Teammates, Sister Nian’s Identity

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1402 It’s All Because of My Pig Teammates, Sister Nian’s Identity

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“You mean I’m lousy?” Qin Si clearly couldn’t accept this. He placed his hands on his hips self-righteously. “Then, how come Sister Qiao can carry me?”

Zhang Yang was speechless.

Of course, a hidden-level big shot like Miss Qiao could carry Young Master Qin, who was addicted to suicide. He, on the other hand, was not a big shot. Young Master Qin was like a suicide squad when he played games. Zhang Yang wasn’t a big shot in the game. How could he carry him?

“You still refuse to admit that you’re lousy…” Qin Si turned his attention to Ye Wangchuan after muttering.

He saw that the man was leaning lazily on the leather sofa and about to sink into it. His strong waist and long legs were especially eye-catching.

He couldn’t help but think of the flight attendant who had tried her best to speak to them. She looked average but was quite confident. She flirted with Master Wang like a comedian.

He clicked his tongue and thought of Qiao Nian, then asked, “Master Wang, has Sister Qiao arrived at the hotel?”


Ye Wangchuan put down his phone and looked at him with his dark eyes. He said lazily, “She went to visit Aunt Chen.”

Qin Si thought about who Aunt Chen was before remembering. “Oh, is that Aunt Chen who helped her when she was young?”

“Yes.” Ye Wangchuan straightened and bent to pick up the glass on the table. He swirled it and took a sip of water.

Then, he casually put it down again.

His action caused Qin Si to notice the paper bag on the table. He craned his neck curiously and asked, “By the way, Master Wang, I haven’t asked you yet. What’s in this paper bag? You specially brought it out in the morning. What’s in it? Sister Qiao’s things?”

“Her express delivery. She left the house before it arrived,” Ye Wangchuan answered casually.

Gu San turned around. His hesitant expression was simply suffocating.

He was the one who received the express delivery in the morning. He was also the one who asked Master Wang to sign for the delivery. Therefore, he remembered very clearly the name he had seen in the sender column—Jian Jin!

Recently, all the forces in Beijing who had been on guard against the big shot from the illegal district were extremely nervous.

The head of the JC Corporation was friends with the diamond big boss.

He hadn’t given much thought when he first saw the sender’s name. He then looked at the sender’s address.

The address was the Four Seasons where Jian Jin was staying.

Qiao Nian knew Jian Jin.

Gu San felt that his knowledge had been refreshed once more. He had been troubled since he boarded the plane. He wanted to ask Qiao Nian how she knew an illegal big shot like Jian Jin.

However, Master Wang did not seem to have noticed it. He had been holding it in and did not dare to remind Ye Wangchuan to take a look.

However, this secret was like ants crawling on his heart. It gnawed at his heart and caused an itch. He wanted to spill the beans but did not dare to.

Qin Si didn’t notice that he had suddenly turned around and was staring at them with a complicated expression. He immediately replied with “oh” when Ye Wangchuan said that the paper bag contained Qiao Nian’s express delivery, then muttered in confusion, “Does Sister Qiao know anyone else in Beijing? Who would send her an express delivery? Could it be her classmates from First High School?”

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes flickered. The light outside the plane landed on his handsome face and reflected on his high nose bridge. He did not answer Qin Si’s question.

His phone vibrated at this moment.

Ye Wangchuan looked down and unlocked it. He saw that it was a text message from someone without a number.

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