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Chapter 1404: Isn’t Sister Qiao in Danger?

“It’s a coincidence that the scientific expert leading our team is your father-in-law.”

Bo Jingxing smiled. “It’s Sister Qiao again… Tsk, it’s fate!”

Ye Wangchuan had been listening to him quietly. Only now did he say calmly, “I remember Country M changing participants once, right?”

Bo Jingxing thought for a moment and seemed to remember. He said calmly, “I think so. Mas is from the Middle East, not from M Nation. Besides, he’s arrogant and rarely participates in these competitions. He hasn’t even been on that honor roll for hackers, but in the field, everyone agrees that he’s as good as the top hacker, Sun.”

Ye Wangchuan laughed. “Huh. No less than Sun?”

Qin Si couldn’t help but interrupt again and curse. “F*ck, who is so strong?”

After all, Bo Jingxing was not a hacker. He shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m just telling you what I know.”

He pushed up his glasses and said with a burning gaze, “Miss Qiao’s opponents in this competition are all quite strong. Other than Mas, there’s another person, Aiden. This person is from Country D, and he’s not weak either. His status in the hacker world is comparable to Zhou Hengfeng’s status in the domestic hacker world. Everyone recognizes him as the number one hacker in his country. He’s ranked 18th on the hacker’s Heaven Leaderboard.”

Ye Wangchuan did not say anything.

Qin Si was silent. He muttered softly, “Where did these f*cking monsters come from? It’s just a software competition. Do they have to be so serious? These people have already joined. Damn, haven’t they won?”

“What else do you think?” Bo Jingxing glanced at him from the corner of his eye and said calmly, “This competition is impressive worldwide. This is not a competition. It also represents the computing power of the participating countries.”

There was some silence.

After being speechless for two seconds, Qin Si grabbed his hair, looked up, and said gloomily and worriedly, “Isn’t Sister Qiao in danger?”

Master Wang and the others were chatting, so Zhang Yang did not dare to interrupt like Qin Si. However, he had the same thoughts.

Qiao Nian was in trouble this time!

After so many incidents, Zhang Yang already admired Qiao Nian.

He would usually blindly believe that Qiao Nian could do anything.

But this time…

Zhang Yang thought of Qiao Nian’s injured right hand and his heart turned cold. He comforted her. “Miss Qiao’s hand is injured. This is inevitable…”

However, Qin Si was in a low mood and ignored him.

Zhang Yang couldn’t continue and closed his mouth gloomily.

Bo Jingxing glanced at the handsome man. Seeing that Ye Wangchuan seemed quite calm and not worried about Qiao Nian’s upcoming competition at all, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Young Master Ye, aren’t you worried?”

“Worried about what?” Ye Wangchuan was sending a message for someone to investigate Mas. Hearing this, he raised his chin slightly and glanced lazily at his good friend. After roughly understanding what the other party meant, he replied calmly, “I’m not worried, because she’s Qiao Nian.”

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