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Chapter 1401: No One Looked at Her

He left after receiving an affirmative answer after giving Qiao Nian a few more reminders and asking if she was going out to eat with them again. He even closed the door for her.

The girl took off her baseball cap and tied her hair into a refreshing ponytail after the room regained its silence.

She grabbed her phone, put on her headset, and headed out of the room.

It wasn’t easy for her to come back, so she definitely had to visit Uncle Chen and Aunt Chen.

Before Qiao Nian left, she called Aunt Chen and told her that she would be there in half an hour. She hung up and sent a message to a certain someone, telling him that she had gone to visit Aunt Chen’s family.

At the same time.

On a certain plane heading to Rao City from Beijing Airport.

The aircrew finished delivering the water and blankets and pushed the cart back to the work cabin.

She turned around and pulled the curtain. Immediately, a few flight attendants with similar looks and slender figures surrounded her.

“How is it? Did you see Young Master Ye?”

“Did Young Master Ye speak to you?”

“And Young Master Bo and the others… God, you’re really lucky. The purser picked you to deliver their food. I’m so envious. I’d definitely find a way to talk to them if I was picked. My death will be worth it as long as I can get any one of them!”

The most outstanding-looking flight attendant, who was surrounded by all the flight attendants, had not said a word since she returned. She looked like she had suffered a blow.

She looked at the group of envious little sisters around her, her eyes filled with bitterness. She couldn’t bring herself to tell them that she had just gone out with the same ambition and anticipation, thinking that she could impress the VIPs with her outstanding looks.

Who would have thought that the face she was so proud of seemed ordinary to them?

Not to mention her target, Master Wang of Beijing.

Even Young Master Bo and the others did not look at her. It was as if she was just a tool for delivering food. No one looked at her directly no matter how beautiful and sweet she was.

She was speechless and couldn’t say anything.

On the plane.

Qin Si and the others did not take her seriously and did not even look at her.

This plane was Bo Jingxing’s private jet.

The Bo family was in the aviation business and did not lack planes and flight attendants. This time, they were flying to Rao City at the last minute. Thus, Bo Jingxing specially arranged for his private plane.

Because it was a private plane, the aircraft’s supporting facilities were all top-notch.

The plane had a spacious leather sofa, television, bar, and Wi-Fi. Probably no one would think they were on a plane if it wasn’t for the thick clouds outside the window.

“Damn, I lost again!”

The flight had been quiet.

Ye Wangchuan was playing with his phone, Bo Jingxing was reading, and Gu San was looking at the clouds outside the window. No one knew what he was thinking.

Qin Si’s voice was loud. He threw his phone away angrily and complained gloomily, “Zhang Yang, do you f*cking know how to play? I’ve never won a game with you! I’m not playing anymore.”

Zhang Yang had no choice but to put down his phone. He was even more depressed than him. He said aggrievedly, “Young Master Qin, you can’t blame me if you lose. You don’t leave and insist on fighting them head-on every time I signal you to retreat. It’s not that I don’t want to save you, but I really can’t…”

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