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Chapter 1375: The Phone Was Remotely Hacked

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She looked at her phone and couldn’t figure it out. “I thought I had 80% battery when I gave it to you. It can’t have run out all at once, can it?”

Zhu Pengda’s eyelids twitched violently as soon as he heard that. A bad feeling had already welled up in his heart. Her phone had been remotely hacked.

His legs went completely limp. He sat on the sofa for a long time, unable to recover. He hugged his head and muttered, “It’s over. It’s all over.”

He wondered where his prodigal wife had received the message and what kind of evil wolf she had provoked.

But clearly, this time they had come prepared.

No matter what, their family had to take the blame for someone else!

The Zhu family would probably not be able to escape unscathed this time.

“Hubby, you, don’t be like this. I’m afraid.” Seeing that he was so afraid, Madam Zhu realized that she also was afraid. “Qiao Nian doesn’t have the ability to touch our family. Our family has been in Beijing for so many years, and we still have a chance. Why should we be afraid of her? Young Master Ye is just playing with her. Everyone in the circle is saying that Young Master Ye and Jiang Xianrou are still a couple. How can that girl from Rao City compare to Jiang Xianrou? Jiang Xianrou is the number one socialite in Beijing. Be it looks or talent, she’s a hundred times better than her. Otherwise, Hao’er wouldn’t like Jiang Xianrou…”

Zhu Pengda ignored her. He hugged his head, his face ashen.

At that moment, someone broke in.

The servant did not stop the intruder. The man who entered was burly and had a tattoo on his arm. He looked like a gangster.

The other party did not waste his breath. Seeing Zhu Pengda and Madam Zhu, he asked directly, “Are you Zhu Yuanhao’s parents?”

Madam Zhu suppressed her fear and took a step back. She looked at him warily. “Who are you? Who allowed you to barge in? Do you know whose home this is?”

The other laughed wildly. “I don’t care whose home this is.

“Master Wang asked me to deliver something to you.”

Zhu Pengda suddenly stood up from the sofa and took the item from the other party when he heard the words ‘Master Wang’.

It was three photographs.

They were still warm. Perhaps it had just been taken and was immediately sent to them.

He focused his gaze and saw that the main character in the photo was Zhu Yuanhao, whom he had not seen for a week. Zhu Yuanhao was covered in blood and lying on the ground. His right hand was hanging at an awkward angle by his side. It had been forcefully broken.

“Ah!” Madam Zhu also saw it. Her eyes rolled back and her legs buckled. She fainted.

Zhu Pengda was not in the mood to care about her. His heart was racing, and he only had his last bit of rationality left. He clenched the photo and asked in a low voice, “What does Master Wang mean?”

“Hmph, what do you mean?” The burly man didn’t waste any time and asked him, “Master Wang also wants to ask Madam Zhu what she means.”

Zhu Pengda lost his temper instantly. “My wife…”

The burly man didn’t let him explain and said concisely, “If Zhu Pengda has anything to say, leave it for Master Wang to explain! Master Wang said that since Miss Qiao injured her hand in the car accident, Zhu Yuanhao will compensate her with a pair of hands. If Madam Zhu can’t figure it out and causes trouble again, Zhu Yuanhao still has a neck that hasn’t been broken. If Madam Zhu wants to play, we’ll play along!”

Zhu Pengda’s face turned green. The muscles in his cheeks trembled. He wasn’t sure if it was from anger or an instinctive reaction to fear.

The man in black didn’t waste his breath on him. He said before leaving, “The thing in this photo is just the interest we asked from Madam Zhu to prevent her from thinking that she did it secretly. Master Wang is busy now and can’t take the time, but this matter… isn’t over!”

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