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Chapter 1360: A Large Truck Coming Toward Them

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On the other side, in the taxi, Qiao Nian hung up on Ye Wangchuan.

She had just put the phone down when she looked up and saw a large truck coming in their direction.

The truck was moving fast and driving in the opposite direction.

It was driving in a rather zigzag manner. Logically speaking, it should have hit the car in front.

However, it did not!

The blue truck looked like it was moving crookedly. The driver seemed to have drunk too much, but Qiao Nian could clearly see that the truck was heading straight for them.

Her beautiful face under the baseball cap suddenly turned cold. She reminded him in a hoarse voice, “Be careful!”

“What should I do… I-I can’t step on the brakes anymore.”

The taxi driver was clearly stunned by the unexpected turn of events.

In a situation of extreme fear, people were completely unable to take any countermeasures.

He watched as a large truck suddenly appeared in front of him and charged towards his car. Death seemed to be just a moment away.

His mind went blank, and his legs simply gave out.

Forget about stepping on the brakes. He was terrified.

Just as the front of the blue truck was approaching and was about to hit him, the taxi driver closed his eyes and his heart turned cold.

Only Qiao Nian maintained her calm judgment. Seeing that he was scared silly, she quickly got up and peeked through the gap in the driver’s seat.

In the nick of time, she grabbed the wheel and spun it to the left.

The front of the taxi swerved to the left.

Without any buffer, it slammed into the greenery beside it at normal driving speed.

There was a whooshing sound as the tires rubbed against the ground. With a bang, the taxi narrowly avoided the oncoming truck. The front of the taxi hit the buffer stops, and white smoke rose from the front…

At the same time, the big truck that had missed them hit a car behind them with a loud double crash.

It happened suddenly.

Many pedestrians saw this terrifying scene.

“A car accident?”

“My gosh. The big truck went against traffic and hit someone.”

“Call an ambulance.”

“Someone call an ambulance. Hurry. Call 120.”

Immediately, someone took out their cell phone and hurriedly dialed 120. Others were also busy calling the police.

Qiao Nian felt the car spin violently before the impact threw her off. She heard the sound of her right hand cracking.

She also felt a sharp pain in her arm.

She couldn’t confirm her condition in the chaos. She could only feel warm blood flowing from her arm.

She could tell that she was injured.

She gritted her teeth and waited for the intense pain in her arm to pass. Then, she immediately asked the driver who was crying in fear, “Are you alright?”

When the truck hit, she reacted fast enough to get past the driver and grab the wheel. She made an emergency turn so that the car would avoid the truck and hit the greenery.

Although they were in a sorry state, it was much better than being directly hit by a large truck that was several times larger.

The driver shook his head. He was just scared. He wasn’t hurt.

Qiao Nian roughly estimated his condition and said, “The car is prone to spontaneous combustion under high temperatures. Take a look and see if your leg is injured.

“If not, we’ll get out of the car first.”

The driver’s face was pale. He couldn’t say a word. He was still trembling. He had clearly not recovered from the near-death experience.

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