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Chapter 1359: Participating in Ye Lan’s Birthday Party

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Her bright eyes hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should chase after her. She thought about it and remembered the ugly bracelet she had seen. She dispelled the hesitation.

To be honest, the bracelet that Boss personally designed was too ugly.

Ugly as hell!

So refreshingly ugly!

Other than its nouveau riche aura, she could not think of any other reason for girls to like that bracelet.

She felt that a bracelet made of glass beads that cost five to ten yuan sold by the roadside was better than Lu Zhi’s.

Tsk, beauty standards of a man!


Ye Lan kept a low profile this time.

However, with her identity, she still alarmed many people no matter how low-key she was.

Many families in Beijing had tried their best to attend Ye Lan’s birthday party. Unfortunately, Ye Lan did not plan to hold a big party. This time, she only called the people from the Ye family and a few close family friends.

She herself had invited Wen Ruxia and Wei Mingxuan.

Ye Wangchuan called Qin Si, Bo Jingxing, and the others.

Qin Si brought Zhang Yang and a few good friends. The rest were basically from the Ye family.

11:00 AM.

Cars arrived at the Imperial Mansion one after another.

Ye Wangchuan greeted the guests at the door.

However, his status was high and he was the leader of the younger generation. Even some of the elders of the branch families were respectful to him and did not dare to put on airs in front of him.

Gu San was in charge of receiving and organizing the guests.

He led the guests in one by one and was kept very busy. Finally, he found time to catch his breath. He looked at the time on his watch and said to the man at the door worriedly, “Master Wang, why isn’t Miss Qiao here yet?”

Worried about Qiao Nian, he said, “Should I call Miss Qiao and ask her where she is?”

Ye Wangchuan was wearing a white shirt today. The white shirt was especially fitting on his shoulders and waist. There were no wrinkles on the ironed shirt, making his back especially straight. He was handsome, and when he stood there, he was the view.

Ye Wangchuan was already waiting for Qiao Nian at the door. Hearing this, he raised his eyelids and took out his phone. In a slightly hoarse voice, he said, “I’ll ask her where she is.”

Gu San nodded.

He saw that even Master Nie had arrived.

He even specially asked Master Nie about Qiao Nian when he welcomed them in and led them to their seats. Master Nie said that she had already left the school earlier on and said that she had something to attend to.

He wasn’t afraid of anything else. He was just worried that Qiao Nian had forgotten about this event.

First Miss repeatedly reminded Master Wang to remember to invite Miss Qiao. If Miss Qiao did not come, First Miss would be disappointed.

But Miss Qiao had already promised to come.

Gu San was still in a daze when he looked up and saw Master Wang on the phone. Master Wang’s eyes were filled with gentleness as he whispered to the person on the other end, “Where are you? Do you want me to pick you up?”

Gu San looked at him and suggested nervously, “Master Wang, I’ll go fetch Miss Qiao.”

Ye Wangchuan looked at him with a calm expression and continued talking to her. “I’ll receive you at the door. Let me know when you arrive, in case I don’t see you.”

It was unknown what Qiao Nian said, but he hung up soon after. He said lazily, “She’s on her way and will be here in 10 minutes. Pay attention. There are many people today. Don’t miss out on her.”

“Yes, I know, Master Wang.” Gu San felt relieved to hear that Qiao Nian had not forgotten about the party and was on the way here.

He nodded vigorously, already turning his head in the direction of the main entrance, his eyes taking in the endless stream of guests coming through the door.

At this moment, Ye Lan’s assistant ran out to look for Ye Wangchuan. Ye Wangchuan patted Gu San’s shoulder and asked him to take note before following the assistant in.

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