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Chapter 1361: Sister Nian Is Injured

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Qiao Nian did not waste any time. With her uninjured hand, she opened the car door that had been deformed from the collision and got out calmly.

She turned and opened the door for the driver. “Get out of the car first.”

The driver didn’t know how a young lady like her could be so calm and collected when faced with such a situation. However, the fear in his heart seemed to dissipate a little upon seeing how calm Qiao Nian was. He composed himself and rolled out of the car.

He managed to climb out of the deformed taxi. His legs were still trembling, and he had to grab the railing on the greenery to sit on his butt.

After the driver got out, he turned around and saw how badly the truck that had almost hit them had crashed.

He swallowed and thanked Qiao Nian the way one would after they had just survived a disaster. “M-Miss, thank you.”

He had experienced it himself. He knew very well that if Qiao Nian had not been quick enough to grab the steering wheel, he would have already stepped into the gates of hell.

“No worries.” Qiao Nian tugged at her cap, planning to look for her cell phone to make a call. After searching around for her cell phone, she realized that she had lost it in the car accident.

Her eyes narrowed and she frowned.

There was something strange about this car accident. The large truck driving in the opposite direction was clearly heading towards them.

Something glinted in Qiao Nian’s eyes as she restrained her murderous intent.

She seemed pretty calm, unlike someone who had just been through life and death.

Still in shock, the driver realized that her right hand was injured. He quickly said, “Young lady, y-your hand is injured?

“God, your hand’s bleeding. Are you alright?” The driver reacted badly.

There was a reason for his reaction.

It was mainly because the entire arm of the girl’s right hand was stained red with blood. Bright red blood dripped down the cuff of her jacket’s checkered shirt.

Drop by drop.

It looked very serious.

At first, the driver did not notice this because Qiao Nian was too calm. She was so calm that even a middle-aged man like him felt inferior.

Coupled with the fact that they had just experienced a moment of life and death, he was an ordinary person. He was too afraid to pay attention to others.

But this was too much.

He realized that the young passenger who had saved his life was injured as soon as he regained his senses. Her arm was covered in blood.

The driver panicked. He didn’t care if Qiao Nian worried about her own injury. He was even more nervous than her.

The ambulance arrived at this moment.

Then, the driver pulled her back and quickly turned around to shout for help. “Here, someone’s injured here!”

There was such a big accident on the road.

The ambulance and the traffic police came over. There were many onlookers around, surrounding this section of the road.

Everyone was discussing the thrilling scene of the big truck going against the traffic.

Jiang Yao’s black Land Rover was stuck on the side of the road. He was frustrated upon seeing that the road ahead was blocked. He rolled down the window and looked ahead, then said to Jiang Zongnan, who was in the front passenger seat, distractedly, “What’s going on ahead? Why is there a traffic jam?”

Jiang Zongnan looked ahead. “A car accident.”

The traffic in Beijing was busy, and there were many cars on the road. It was inevitable for a car accident to happen.

It was not that rare.

He was no longer surprised.

“Oh.” Jiang Yao was a little frustrated. He looked in the direction of the car accident and said impatiently, “A car accident. I don’t know how long the road will be blocked!”

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