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Chapter 1268: Hello, We’re Your VIP Guests

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Someone booked the whole place?

Jiang Xianrou subconsciously frowned. Her beautiful eyes were filled with displeasure, but she habitually disguised her emotions and talked to the staff without showing any emotions. “Hello, did you say that someone booked the entire place today?”

“Hello.” Although the staff member stopped them from entering, he did not dare to offend them. He knew that he couldn’t afford to offend anyone, so he could only focus and speak carefully. “Yes, Miss Jiang. I’m very sorry.”

Jiang Xianrou pursed her lips. Her expression was normal, but her demeanor was domineering. “We’re VIP guests of your clubhouse.”

The staff member looked helpless and could only explain to her humbly, “I know you’re VIPs. I’m really sorry, Miss Jiang. I’m also following the orders of the higher-ups. They informed us to clear the area, so we can only clear the area. Could you come back another day?”

Another day?

Jiang Xianrou’s smile disappeared, and a trace of gloominess flashed across her eyes. She pursed her lips tightly and did not say anything. Her expression had already turned cold.

She had specially invited her friends to come to the celebration party. Now he was asking them to change places?

Then, where would the Jiang family and Jiang Xianrou put their faces in the future?!

Jiang Xianrou was already extremely unhappy in her heart. She still maintained the demeanor that a socialite should have on her face and pretended to be generous. However, her gaze was aggressive as she looked at the staff member. She did not understand the other party’s position at all and said calmly, “Oh, you have to tell me who booked the venue. Otherwise, why would I come another day?”

“We’re all VIP guests. It doesn’t make sense that you’re asking us to leave when we’re all already here.” She straightened the bag with indifferent eyes. She looked easy to talk to, but she was actually very arrogant and tough. “Don’t you agree?”

As expected, the staff member looked troubled. “This… Miss Jiang, I can’t say that.”

Jiang Xianrou smiled and did not seem to mind. She put on an expression that said, “Then, get your manager to come over and explain to us.”

She had followed Qin Si here before and met the manager of the clubhouse.

Last time, the manager nodded and bowed to her respectfully.

Relying on her connections, Jiang Xianrou was even more fearless when she did things.

The group of Beijing second-generation heirs beside her straightened their backs and glared at the staff.

“Yes, call your manager out!” A blonde was the first to speak, his tone arrogant.

Someone immediately joined in the commotion.

“That’s right, who the f*ck booked the entire place? What do you mean! Miss Jiang is right! We’re all VIP guests. What right do you have to let others in and not us? You’re acting as if we’re not VIPs.”

Zhu Yuanhao was usually close to Jiang Xianrou. Seeing that the staff of the clubhouse had no intention of giving in, he walked up to her with a dark expression and said in a low voice, “Miss Jiang, why don’t you call Young Master Qin and the others? Matters like this can be resolved with a call from them. We can’t be bothered to argue with the staff here.”

Jiang Xianrou hesitated when Qin Si and Ye Wangchuan were mentioned.

She recalled Qin Si’s cold attitude towards her during this period of time. Then, she thought about how she had not seen Ye Wangchuan for a few months.

She felt uncertain.

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