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Chapter 1269: Jiang Yao: Why Aren’t You Inside Yet?

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However, facing Zhu Yuanhao’s expectant expression, Jiang Xianrou hesitated for a moment before taking out her cell phone and saying, “Forget it. I don’t know if they’re busy now. If they are, it won’t be good for me to call. Wait a moment, I’ll send a WeChat message to ask.”

Zhu Yuanhao thought that she was as close to Qin Si and the others as before. He shrugged without thinking and trusted her completely. “Sure, Miss Jiang. Ask Master Wang and the others.”

Jiang Xianrou walked to the side, lowered her head, and found Qin Si’s profile picture on WeChat. She hesitantly typed a message and sent it over.

[I passed the initial round of Master Cheng’s laboratory trials and asked Zhu Yuanhao and the others to come to the clubhouse to celebrate. In the end, the staff told us that the entire clubhouse has been booked. Since we’re here, can you help me talk to them?]

The WeChat message was sent instantly.

Jiang Xianrou’s heart raced. She stared at her cell phone anxiously, waiting for the other party to reply.

She got lucky.

As soon as she sent the WeChat message, she saw that the chat box displayed (The other party is typing…)

Jiang Xianrou heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed. She was no longer nervous.

She was mainly afraid that Qin Si would ignore her.

She was relieved since he was willing to reply to her message!

A smile appeared on her face. Qin Si’s message came back in the next second just as she was about to tell Zhu Yuanhao and the others that there was no problem. [Half Mountain Clubhouse has been booked. Can’t you get another place? Why do you have to celebrate there?]

The smile on Jiang Xianrou’s face froze instantly. Her eyelashes trembled slightly as she stared at the message.

She dug her fair hands into her phone and barely managed to type a few words. [I’m already here. Zhu Yuanhao and the others are all here. We can’t possibly leave now. It’s too…]

Qin Si sent another message.

[I’m busy and don’t have time to call you. You can either play somewhere else or go another day!]

Jiang Xianrou’s hand that was editing the message stopped. It was as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water over her head in the middle of winter. She could feel the coldness in her heart just by standing there.

She bit her lower lip and did not reply. Instead, she put away her cell phone and pretended that nothing had happened. She said to Zhu Yuanhao, “Young Master Qin didn’t reply to my message. He probably isn’t up yet.”

Zhu Yuanhao was stunned. Young Master Qin did not reply? He had clearly seen Miss Jiang chatting with someone on her phone.

“Still asleep at this hour?”


Jiang Xianrou was expressionless, but her hand hanging by her side was holding her cell phone tightly. She was so anxious and frustrated that she did not even want to speak.

“What about Master Wang? Why don’t we give Master Wang…” Zhu Yuanhao was not finished.

Jiang Xianrou interrupted him. “Master Wang must be busy. There’s no need to alarm him over such a small matter.”

Zhu Yuanhao was dumbfounded. He scratched the back of his head, not understanding what she meant. “Then…”

Young Master Qin couldn’t be contacted.

Master Wang’s contact was forbidden.

What Miss Jiang meant was…

At this moment, Jiang Yao and the others arrived.

His black SUV slowly stopped beside Jiang Xianrou and the others.

Jiang Yao opened the car door and got out. Xu Jishen followed suit. He looked at the group of brats and greeted Jiang Xianrou.

Jiang Yao also walked over and stood in front of her. His handsome face revealed a surprised expression upon seeing that they were standing outside. “Why aren’t you inside yet?”

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