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Chapter 1267: Large-Scale Face-Slapping

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After all, Xianrou’s friends were all second-generation heirs in Beijing. They were relatively young. If Xianrou was willing to bring Qiao Nian into her circle, it would be easy to explain to her uncle and grandfather.

Jiang Yao felt that his idea was very good. Firstly, it would ease their relationship, and secondly, it would help Qiao Nian.

After all, Qiao Nian was from Rao City.

The circle in Beijing had always been xenophobic. It was very difficult for someone like Qiao Nian to integrate into this circle. But the situation would be different if someone brought her in.

Jiang Xianrou had a good relationship with Ye Wangchuan and the others, and her status in the circle was very high. Qiao Nian could integrate into this circle as long as Xianrou was willing to help her.

It would just be difficult to come into contact with those of higher status within the circle.

With that thought in mind, Jiang Yao sent Jiang Xianrou another message, saying that he might bring Qiao Nian along.

After sending the message, Jiang Yao did not look at Jiang Xianrou’s reply. He put his cell phone in his pocket and walked to the bathroom to wash his hands and calm down.

At this moment, Qiao Nian still did not know that someone was hoping she could get Jiang Xianrou to help her to integrate into Beijing’s circle.

Jian Jin’s sports car had just parked halfway up the mountain when the staff led them in. Jian Jin had always been generous. She went to the side to make a call, then turned around and said to her, “Let’s go in. I’ve booked the entire clubhouse. No one will disturb us today.”

Her cell phone buzzed as soon as the girl got out of the car. She took it out and saw a series of messages from Jiang Yao.

Her cold and distant eyes swept over the messages. Seeing him mention Master Cheng, the corners of Qiao Nian’s mouth curled up slightly, looking a little cold.

Jiang Xianrou wanted to enter Master Cheng’s laboratory?

Jiang Xianrou had evil intentions. Entering Master Cheng’s laboratory was just like gilded gold to her. She wouldn’t learn properly.

It was a waste of space!

Qiao Nian did not like to meddle in other people’s business, nor was she interested in the Jiang family.

Her cold and fair hand deleted Jiang Yao’s message. Then, she raised her head and followed Jian Jin into the clubhouse.

At the same time, Jiang Xianrou and the others arrived outside the clubhouse.

There were many people around her, but they were all small fry. None of the people in the group were like Zhang Yang. Even Tang Ning and the others were not here.

Not to mention Qin Si, Ye Wangchuan, and the others.

It was just a facade!

This time, it was Zhu Yuanhao who booked the place for them. When everyone arrived, they waited for Zhu Yuanhao to make the arrangements. Zhu Yuanhao rushed to look for the staff of the clubhouse. Unexpectedly, they heard an argument not long after.

“What do you mean? What do you mean we should come back another day? Do you know who we are?”

“I’m sorry, Young Master Zhu. Our clubhouse has been booked. A VIP has requested to clear the venue, so we can’t receive other guests today.”

Zhu Yuanhao was furious. His face, which had been hollowed out by alcohol and women, turned red. He did not listen to the staff’s explanation at all and shouted arrogantly.

“A servant is telling me about this nonsense. Where’s your manager? Tell him to come out and talk to me.”

Feeling that he was making a scene, Jiang Xianrou walked over unhappily and asked calmly, “What’s wrong?”

“This person told me that the clubhouse was booked today and asked us to go to another place.” Zhu Yuanhao was filled with anger. He sneered angrily and said, “I’ve never heard of anyone who can book the entire clubhouse! It’s not even Master Wang and the others. Who the f*ck is such a big shot!”

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