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Chapter 1225: If You Want to Wear a Crown, You Must Bear Its Heaviness!

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“Heh.” Qin Si glanced at her, making Tang Ning nervous. Afraid that she would say something wrong, she pursed her red lips and carefully observed his expression.

Qin Si only laughed and casually threw the orange on the table. He crossed his legs and said in an unfathomable tone, “There are many things you didn’t expect!”

At first, Tang Ning thought that Qin Si was dissatisfied with her words and was so nervous that she did not reply.

She observed the other party’s demeanor and saw that he seemed to have no deeper meaning. Then, she smiled in relief and said, “That’s true. Miss Qiao always surprises people.”

For example, she had never thought that Qiao Nian would be able to reach her current state after parting with the Qiao family. She was now being praised by this group of people in the top circle in Beijing.


She was doing better than Jiang Xianrou.

Back then, Qiao Nian was just an inconspicuous high school student in Rao City. Her grandmother never took her seriously then.

It had only been a year.

Over a year their positions were reversed.

Qiao Nian was already beyond their reach.

Even she could only look up to her.

Tang Ning thought about it. Putting aside the fact that the Tang family had offended Qiao Nian and was almost dealt with, she personally liked Qiao Nian.

Live real.

Even with Ye Wangchuan’s backing, she had never seen Qiao Nian bully anyone. She was many times better than Jiang Xianrou.

Tang Ning narrowed her eyes and took out a lady’s cigarette. Searching for a lighter but not finding it, she gave up smoking and put the cigarette back. Then, she turned to look at the huge LED screen and secretly felt worried for Qiao Nian.

She had privately learned about the World Software Competition.

A world-class competition.

So far, no one in the country had qualified for the group stages!

Qiao Nian would have to bear the pressure of public opinion if she wanted to represent the country in this competition.

If one wanted to put on a crown, they would have to bear its weight. This was a competition that had to be won!

Tang Ning hoped that Qiao Nian could qualify.

Even if she lost the competition, she should try not to lose too badly like in previous years.

Qin Si was also worried about this. He fidgeted on the sofa and drank half a bottle of water in frustration.

He looked around and asked in a low voice, “Where’s Jiang Li? Why isn’t he here? Isn’t he watching Sister Qiao’s competition?”

He had heard about the Jiang family splitting up.

During this period of time, Tang Wanru and Jiang Xianrou had been hinting to the Jiang family that Qiao Nian would no longer have anything to do with them.

Qin Si’s lips twitched and his expression turned mocking at this thought.


Qiao Nian had connections in the illegal district. He couldn’t understand why Tang Wanru and her daughter felt that such a hidden big shot had to rely on their connections to survive in Beijing.

Poor Jiang Li was sandwiched between such people.

“He’s not coming?”

Qin Si had a good relationship with Jiang Li. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have helped Jiang Li take care of Jiang Xianrou. At the mention of Jiang Li not coming to watch Qiao Nian’s competition, he tried his best to control his emotions but still sounded a little dissatisfied.

He was afraid that Jiang Li would be influenced by Tang Wanru and Jiang Xianrou and would also ostracize Sister Qiao.

Gu San answered the question as he poured a cup of tea, “Young Master Jiang is watching the live broadcast at home. Miss Qiao especially helped him install the software to watch the live broadcast.”

Miss Qiao had especially helped Young Master Jiang install the software on his computer.

Qin Si originally wanted to grab a plate of food, but he instantly did not want to eat anymore when he heard Gu San’s stern answer.

The food suddenly appeared dull and unappealing to him.

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