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Chapter 1251: Face Slap! Sorry, None of You Them Coming!

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Jiang Li, who had dyed his hair, came in from outside. Compared to the Jiang family’s formal clothes, he was dressed very casually, as if he had just rushed over from the work site after filming an advertisement. His motorcycle jacket was especially eye-catching.

As soon as Jiang Li entered, he saw that the main seat had been occupied. There were only three empty seats in the huge private room, and none of them were good.

He restrained the mockery in his eyes and smirked. He retracted his gaze and casually greeted the elders of the Jiang family. Then, he walked straight to one of the three empty seats and pulled out a chair to sit down.

Seeing that he was here, Jiang Yao looked up and finally couldn’t help but ask him, suppressing his dissatisfaction, “Where’s Qiao Nian? She’s not here yet? Where is she?”

“You mean Nian Nian.” Jiang Li glanced at the main guest seat they had not left for Qiao Nian at all and smiled perfunctorily. “Oh, she’s not coming.”


Jiang Yao was stunned and couldn’t react for a long time. “What did you say? Qiao Nian is…” Not coming?

They had gathered so many people tonight to hold a celebration party for Qiao Nian. In the end, Jiang Li had belatedly told them that the main character of the night was not coming?

Jiang Yao couldn’t accept this outcome at all. “You didn’t tell her that we prepared a celebration party for her tonight?”

“I did. She’s not free.” Jiang Li asked casually, “Brother came back for more than a week and didn’t have time to eat with Nian Nian?”

Jiang Yao retorted in frustration. “I…!”

“What’s that?” Jiang Li glanced at him leisurely, snatched his words, and looked in Jiang Xianrou’s direction.

Jiang Yao endured it. He couldn’t say it in front of so many relatives.

That was because Jiang Xianrou had told him that Qiao Nian was only participating in the competition to show off. He didn’t have a good impression of his younger cousin, whom he had never met.

He had just returned and was so busy. Since he didn’t have a good impression of his cousin, Jiang Yao definitely did not have time to meet her.

Who knew that Qiao Nian would enter the group stage?

Jiang Li asked him disapprovingly, “What is it?”

Jiang Yao was speechless for a moment.

Xianrou was his biological sister. They had grown up together. He couldn’t possibly say in front of his relatives that he had misunderstood Qiao Nian because of Jiang Xianrou.

Jiang Li knew what he was thinking when he saw his reaction. He sneered and continued coldly, “Alright, when you’re busy, Nian Nian is also busy. I called Nian Nian, and she said that she has to prepare for the competition and doesn’t have time to come over. She told us to eat by ourselves.”

Jiang Li had been worried that Qiao Nian would offend them too much if she didn’t come. Now, it seemed that she was lucky not to have come!

The main seat had already been occupied. What kind of celebration banquet was Jiang Yao calling it? A celebration party for who?

If he didn’t know who was celebrating today, he would have thought that it was Jiang Xianrou’s celebration party.

Jiang Yao was speechless. His face was a little hot, but he couldn’t deny that Jiang Li’s words were right.

However, if Qiao Nian didn’t come, wouldn’t tonight’s celebration be a joke?

Jiang Yao was annoyed when his phone rang. It was a message.

He read the message quickly and looked even more embarrassed. He looked up and said to the entire Jiang family, “Uncle just sent me a message saying that he’s holding a seminar and won’t be coming.”

Old Master Jiang wasn’t coming.

Qiao Nian wasn’t coming.

Even Jiang Zongjin wasn’t coming.

The Jiang family ate as much as they could during this celebration banquet. After the meal, everyone was distracted and had no appetite. It ended hastily.

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