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Chapter 1224: Master Wang Booked a Private Room

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Zhou Moyan’s friend’s profile picture was very exaggerated. It was as greasy and frivolous as the person himself.

But a car was parked behind the man.

She immediately recognized the car as the same model as the one Qiao Nian’s ‘boyfriend’ was driving. She recalled the price of the car and remembered that Song Tian had told her about Zhou Moyan’s family background. This Zhu Yuanhao seemed to be in the same circle as Qiao Nian and her group…

Yin Wenzhi’s gaze darkened and she bit her lip.

She wanted to delete the other party’s WeChat, but after hesitating, she pressed the cancel button.


At this moment, at Lan Pavilion.

Ye Wangchuan had booked a private room. The people from the same circle as him had all come.

Qin Si got a LED liquid crystal screen computer and placed it on the table.

A group of people from the top circle of Beijing sat around the LED display screen.

The waiter was careful not to disturb them when he brought in the tea. After all, he couldn’t afford to offend anyone in this private room.

Zhang Yang had become familiar with Qin Si recently. He was not as nervous as Tang Ning and the others. His shoulders relaxed as he carried a plate of fruits over and placed it in front of Ye Wangchuan and Qin Si.

Then, he asked Qin Si softly, “Young Master Qin, Miss Qiao’s competition hasn’t started yet?”

Qin Si had recently gotten a tinfoil perm. His hair was messy and fluffy, making him look like a rich second-generation heir.

Today, he was wearing suit pants and a checkered shirt. The shirt was half pressed into his suit pants. He leaned back on the couch, his gaze never leaving the computer screen. “Soon, I think. Master Wang said it starts at three.”

“Oh, that’s soon.” Zhang Yang raised his forearm and pulled his sleeve to look at the time on his wristwatch. “10 minutes to three o’clock.”

“Mm.” Qin Si finally moved his gaze away from the LED screen. He bent down and picked up an orange, peeled it, and asked the man beside him, “Master Wang, do you want an orange?”

Ye Wangchuan placed his long legs on the coffee table. Not interested in the orange the other party handed him, he replied with a low and hoarse voice, “No.”

“You really don’t want it? Before Sister Qiao’s competition begins, it’s good that we eat an orange to calm our nerves. You actually don’t want it?” Qin Si took it away in disinterest. “Forget it, I’ll eat it myself!”

He threw a piece of orange into his mouth. A sour smell rose and Qin Si hurriedly spat the orange out.

He cursed, “Damn, are the fruits in Lan Pavilion so bad today? Who bought the orange? It’s so f*cking sour!”

Zhang Yang immediately handed him a bottle of mineral water. “Do you want me to call the manager over to ask?”

Qin Si quickly snatched the glass of water from him and gulped it down. Only then did he suppress the sour taste in his mouth. He looked at the time on the blue light display and shook his head. “Forget it. The competition is about to begin. It’s not a big deal. I can’t be bothered.”

Ye Wangchuan wasn’t the only one present today. Bo Jingxing, who rarely appeared in Beijing, was also present.

Tang Ning and the other new thugs did not dare to speak at all. All of them were tense.

No one dared to ask why Master Wang did not call Jiang Xianrou over today.

Although no one knew the relationship between Jiang Xianrou and Qiao Nian, they could roughly tell that Master Wang’s girlfriend was not close to her.

No one dared to court death at a time like this.

Tang Ning was the smartest. She took the initiative to mention Qiao Nian. “Speaking of which, I heard that Miss Qiao was good with computers when I was in Rao City. I didn’t expect her to represent our country in the competition this time.”

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