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Chapter 1165: I’ll Let Them Die!

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Uncaring that Old Master Wei had just closed his eyes, she turned around and asked Liang Lu, “Professor Liang, how was my father when you came out?”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Liang Lu. She was under great pressure, her heartbeat was fast, her eyelids were lowered, and her voice was calm. “When I came out, Old Master Wei’s condition was stable, and all physical indicators were still under control. I didn’t expect him to go so fast…”

What she meant was that Qiao Nian had made a mistake during the operation, causing Old Master Wei’s sudden death!

Jiang Zongjin was not from Wei’s family, so he didn’t go in, but he stood outside not too far away. Hearing Liang Lu throw the pot on Qiao Nian, his face sank, and he immediately asked, “Mr. Liang, what do you mean? Do you mean it’s Nian Nian’s problem?”

Liang Lu had already thought of a way out. If Old Master Wei could be rescued, it would be to her credit. If not, she would have to find a scapegoat.


Qiao Nian happened to be the scapegoat.

Compared to Qiao Nian, she couldn’t offend the overseas expert!

“I didn’t mean anything. I meant what I said. In short, Old Master Wei was still fine when I came out with Expert Rui Wen. As for why the outcome was like this, I wasn’t there either. I don’t know the exact situation.”

Haha, she didn’t know the exact situation!

Who didn’t know what she meant!

That was, Qiao Nian had an operation accident that led to Old Master Wei’s death.

Qiao Nian was the person Wei Lou called, and he was Wei Mingxuan’s son. In this way, it was hard to say who in the Wei family would have the final say in the future.

Although Jiang Zongjin didn’t understand why Qiao Nian was called to help the Wei family, he believed in his daughter wholeheartedly. He warned her with an angry expression, “Mr. Liang, please pay attention to your identity! You’re a teacher, how could you push the blame to others!”

Liang Lu sneered and snorted, just about to speak.

Wei Lou interrupted her, the corners of his eyes were scarlet. He looked at her indifferently and said, “Who is the problem? Just check the surgical monitoring, and then it’ll be clear at a glance whose problem it is.”

“Wei Lou, you…” Wei Mingxuan didn’t want to make a big fuss about it. Anyone with brains on could see who was behind Liang Lu.

He wanted to take care of Old Master Wei’s funeral first.

Wei Lou was full of anger. He didn’t look back, didn’t look at his father, and simply said, “Since they want to check, we’ll check to see whose problem it is!

“Why did Grandpa have to have surgery, and whether the decision to perform surgery is Grandpa’s own will or someone else’s…”

He spoke very slowly and glanced in Wei Ying and Shen Jingyan’s direction, his eyes full of ice.

Wei Ying seemed to have been stabbed in a sore spot. She turned her face suddenly, her face darkened, and she said angrily, “Wei Lou, what do you mean? Do you mean that I deliberately killed your grandfather? You know that he’s my father!”

“Of course, you didn’t mean it, but you’re stupid!”

Stupid and self-righteous.

She thought that a foreign expert would be able to successfully remove the tumor from the old man’s head, but she didn’t expect it to be self-defeating and become the current situation.

Wei Ying’s face turned blue.

However, Wei Lou seemed to have fallen out with her this time. He did not give her any face and directly got someone to check the surveillance cameras. He wanted to clear things up with Wei Ying in front of everyone.

Seeing his attitude, Wei Mingxuan wanted to stop him, but Wei Lou said, “You asked Qiao Nian to help, you can’t let her take the blame because the scandal cannot be spread. There’s no such thing in this world. Don’t meddle in this matter. I’ll make their wishes come true if they want to die!”

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