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Chapter 1166: Nian Nian Could Still Repair Computers?

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One sentence left Wei Mingxuan speechless.

Qiao Nian half-squinted her eyes, thinking about the small book in her hand. Her voice was hoarse, and she only asked, “Do you want to find out the cause of Old Master Wei’s death?”

Wei Lou didn’t turn around. Qiao Nian could only see his cold chin. “I don’t want to investigate the cause of the old man’s death. I knew that he had to leave eventually. Even if he didn’t leave this time, he would only be around for two years. But I can’t stand the way some people act as if they didn’t do anything wrong even though they clearly did. They don’t even feel guilty! Look at their faces. Have they ever felt guilty?”

Qiao Nian glanced at Wei Ying and Liang Lu. Apart from their vigilance and unconcealed ambition, neither of them felt guilty about Old Master Wei’s death.

“Indeed.” Her eyes were dark and she didn’t speak, but her eyes became cold.


She wasn’t afraid of Liang Lu slandering her. However, Liang Lu had indeed gone overboard this time!

Her expression was too anxious and ugly.

It could be seen that Liang Lu really wanted to have a relationship with Wei Ying.

It wasn’t difficult to check the monitoring.

Soon, someone came over and reported to Wei Lou in a low voice, “Young Master Wei.”

“How is it?”

The other party looked embarrassed and whispered, “The hospital’s surveillance seems to be broken today, and all the surveillance videos have been formatted.”

Liang Lu’s heart sank when she first heard Wei Lou say that the hospital could check the surveillance.

She could deny that Old Master Wei’s situation was already critical at that time. What Qiao Nian took over was a mess.

But through the monitoring, they could find out that the situation at the time was not what she said.

In addition, there were some shameful things that she was afraid of being found out about.

She had been worried all along, but at this moment, she gradually relaxed and looked towards Wei Ying. She happened to see Wei Ying’s lips curl up slightly and nod at Shen Jingyan.

She instantly understood what this was all about.

Seeing this, it should be Wei Ying who had destroyed the hospital’s surveillance by finding someone in advance.

She gradually calmed down, sneered, and took a bite. She said loudly, “Hehe, how could the surveillance be broken by such a coincidence? Young Master Wei, could it be that you want to protect someone, so you deliberately broke into the surveillance?”

Provincial hospital monitoring had never been easy to break into.

This was rarely the case in hospitals.

She first said that Wei Lou did it, and everyone couldn’t help but follow her words and think about it.



Wei Lou almost cursed her with disgusting foul language, but before he had time to refute,

Qiao Nian pulled him next to her. The girl had already taken off her surgical gown, but mottled blood could still be seen in some places on her neck and arms. Her skin was white, and the blood on her hands and neck appeared to be very eye-catching.

Qiao Nian was wearing a T-shirt. She looked thin and had a straight back. She stepped forward, crossed the guard building, and asked the Wei family member who had just gone to get the monitoring room, “You said the footage was formatted? The computer’s not broken, is it?”

“No, only the footage was formatted.” The man shook his head, not understanding why she was asking this.

“Okay, it’s good that the computer isn’t broken.” Qiao Nian smiled openly, raised her eyebrows, and said to Liang Lu and the others, “I can repair it. Don’t you want to watch the footage? Let’s go!”

“…” Liang Lu’s heart suddenly fell to the pit of her stomach.

The anxious and helpless Old Master Jiang was stunned. He shouted, “Nian Nian?!”

Qiao Nian majored in Chinese Medicine and minored in Music. He didn’t know that Qiao Nian also had the skill of repairing computers.

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