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Chapter 1164: The Old Man Can Finally Rest

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His high-spirited eyes dimmed, and he shook his head, not blaming Qiao Nian. His voice was low and a little jaded. “You don’t need to apologize to me, I know he can’t last for two years.

“The old man was stubborn and didn’t listen to advice. We told him to rest, but he never listened. When he was sick, he often couldn’t let go of what he was doing and was so busy that he didn’t sleep until midnight. It was for this reason that his health still worsened day by day despite taking your medicine.”

Wei Lou smiled, trying to relax, but his smile was nondescript. “He’s also old. If it wasn’t for you this time, we might not even see him for the last time.”

Among the people in the innermost circle, Wei Ying’s voice was the loudest, constantly calling out Old Master Wei’s name, trying her best to wake him up.

Qiao Nian didn’t speak. She looked up at him and said, “Everyone will have this day, and so will we.”


“I know.”

Wei Lou put his hands in his pockets, watching the scene of Wei Ying crying and bawling. He just thought it was ridiculous, and he said mockingly, “My grandfather has devoted his whole life to the country, and he didn’t rest even when he was sick. Now, he can finally rest.”

It was just that Wei Ying’s calculations had fallen through.

The old man had departed too suddenly, so the funeral was not arranged. The Wei family would definitely be a mess at that time.

Wei Lou took a deep breath.

Just as he was about to speak, he heard Wei Ying shout in a crying voice, “Dad!”

His shoulders shook and he couldn’t say a word.

Although he wanted to control his emotions, Qiao Nian saw that the corners of his eyes were instantly dyed scarlet.

She was in a very bad mood.

Before Old Master Wei left, she took a look at the small book. There was a series of names written on it: Wang Dagen, Zhang Guofu… These names seemed to be the comrades of the older generation.

Behind these names, someone wrote the monthly transfer number, bank account number, and residential address with a pen, stroke by stroke.

Every word was written square and straight.

It could be seen that the person who wrote this list was very serious when he wrote it down.

After contacting Wei Lou again, how could Qiao Nian not understand the list that Old Master Wei asked her to hand over to Wei Mingxuan?

This was a list of Old Master Wei’s comrades-in-arms.

Old Master Wei’s death was too sudden.

Although Wei Ying, Wei Mingxuan, and the other people from the Wei family saw him for the last time.

However, Old Master Wei passed away without saying anything.

His funeral must be arranged immediately.

Wei Mingxuan held back his emotions and made a lot of phone calls.

Wei Ying was still crying at first, but she suddenly attacked Qiao Nian. “It’s you! It’s you who killed my dad!”

Just after Wei Mingxuan finished a call, he frowned immediately when he heard the words. He walked over, stood in front of Qiao Nian, and looked at his sister. He scolded her without giving her any face, “Wei Ying, why are you blaming Miss Qiao? Don’t you know what you did?”

“What did I do? I still want to ask you what you did!” After Old Master Wei’s death, the Wei family’s fight for the family assets had already begun. Wei Ying did not care anymore and directly threw the dirty water over. “Professor Liang and Rui Wen were operating on Dad, but you were the one who replaced them halfway. If you hadn’t replaced them, Dad might have been fine. I also want to ask you, what were you thinking!”

The Wei family’s relatives were basically all here. Wei Ying only wanted to strike first and place herself on the moral high ground. In the future, she would be more confident when they fought for the family assets.

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