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Chapter 1158: Miss Qiao, You’re Finally Here

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The emergency room was already in chaos by the time Qiao Nian arrived at the provincial hospital.

The relatives of the Wei family were basically all there.

Jiang Zongjin and Old Master Jiang were worried about Qiao Nian coming alone, so they followed her to the hospital. Stunned, they looked at each other when they saw that the corridor was filled with Wei family members.

“W-what happened?” Old Master Jiang was quite experienced. After a short moment of shock, he followed and asked in a low voice.

How could Jiang Zongjin know what had happened? He shook his head and said, “I’m not sure, either.”


He paused and looked at the girl walking in front with a complicated expression. He whispered to Old Master Jiang, “Didn’t Nian Nian say that she has a friend whose grandfather is critically ill? It might be a coincidence.”

Old Master Jiang did not say anything.

He narrowed his eyes and allowed Jiang Zongjin to guide him. Along the way, he saw the busy and nervous medical staff in the corridor and felt that something big had happened.

Old Master Wei was of the same generation as him. He was famous for his poor health. He had even heard that Old Master Wei had almost died from a serious illness some time ago.

At that time, most of the forces in Beijing went to the Wei residence.

Liang Lu went too.

Jiang Xianrou followed her along back then.

At that time, many people said that Old Master Wei could not survive. In the end, Old Master Wei’s situation was miraculously turned around.

Old Master Jiang’s heart sank.

This time, he had not heard of the rumor that Old Master Wei was critically ill. However, his heart sank upon seeing that so many people from the Wei family had gathered outside the emergency room and their expressions. It seemed like Old Master Wei really couldn’t make it this time.

Old Master Wei was critically ill.

Definitely a big deal!

How could Nian Nian’s friend’s grandfather be in the emergency room?

It was too much of a coincidence.

Just as Old Master Jiang was thinking this, he saw someone from the Wei family looking in their direction.

Immediately after, the current head of the Wei family, Wei Mingxuan, strode over. His footsteps were hurried, and one could tell that he was anxious.

Old Master Jiang frowned, feeling even more puzzled.

He had met Wei Mingxuan a few times.

Old Master Wei’s only son was mature, steady, and loyal. He had a good reputation in the Beijing circle, but he was stationed overseas all year round.

In the past two years, Old Master Wei’s health had been deteriorating day by day. Wei Mingxuan gradually transferred his work to Beijing to better take care of the elderly at home.

Old Master Jiang had a very good impression of him. He did not know who he was looking for upon seeing him rushing over. He even turned around to look behind him to see if there was anyone else.

Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, the tall and mature man stopped in front of Qiao Nian. He said anxiously, “Miss Qiao, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. My father has already fainted. Look…”

The person Wei Mingxuan was looking for was Nian Nian??

Old Master Jiang and Jiang Zongjin were both stunned by the situation.

What was going on?

Looking for Nian Nian?

The friend’s grandfather Nian Nian was referring to was none other than Old Master Wei??

Not to mention Jiang Zongjin, even Old Master Jiang, who had been through a lot, was stunned for a moment.

Qiao Nian, on the other hand, spoke to Wei Mingxuan very naturally. She asked about Old Master Wei’s health and how long he had waited in the operating theater…

Based on Old Master Wei’s status, these things were supposed to be considered confidential.

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