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Chapter 1159: Sister Nian: I’m Going Crazy Exposing Myself

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However, Wei Mingxuan clearly trusted Qiao Nian very much. He answered whatever she asked in detail.

He even added some things that Qiao Nian did not ask. He felt that it was useful and told her everything.

Old Master Jiang followed behind. Although he was still a little dizzy, the more he listened, the more shocked he became…

According to Wei Mingxuan, Old Master Wei’s body was almost at the end of its rope!

Moreover, according to him, the people who were resuscitating Old Master Wei in the operating theater were Liang Lu and an internationally famous neurosurgeon.


He was also from the medical organization.

The more Old Master Jiang figured out what was going on, the more he did not understand why Wei Mingxuan was telling Qiao Nian this.

Was there any point in him saying all this to her?

Nian Nian was only in her first year of university. Even if she studied medicine, it would take at least 10 years for her to catch up to an authoritative expert like Liang Lu.

And that was if she was especially talented in medicine.

If her talent was ordinary, it would take 10 or 20 years for Nian Nian to surpass Liang Lu.

Since Liang Lu was here, no one in the local neurosurgery department was better than her.

While Old Master Jiang was thinking, Qiao Nian had already roughly figured out what was going on inside. She took off her baseball cap and used the hair band on her wrist to tie up her hair. She hummed in acknowledgment, her eyes expressionless. She said to Wei Mingxuan, “I want to see the patient first. Where’s Wei Lou?”

Qiao Nian looked around but did not see him. She was quite frustrated.

She couldn’t figure out where Wei Lou had gone. He asked her to come over, but he had disappeared himself.

Wei Mingxuan’s gloomy expression finally eased a little as he saw her mention his only son. His expression softened and he said gently, “After he called you, he was worried that you wouldn’t be able to find the place and went to pick you up. He probably didn’t see you and is still waiting downstairs.”

He pulled out his cell phone. “Hold on. I’ll call him and tell him to come up.”

Qiao Nian calculated the time in her heart and stopped him. Her eyes were pure and dark. She seemed to hesitate for a moment before saying concisely, “There’s no need. It’s the same if I tell you. Uncle Wei, Grandpa Wei’s condition is very bad. You should know this. Last time, I told Wei Lou that if Grandpa Wei takes medicine every month and rests well, he might be able to live for three years. But this time…

“I’m just an ordinary person, not a god. I might not be able to help even if I try. I can only say that I’ll do my best.”

Wei Mingxuan’s body stiffened. After a long time, he pinched the bridge of his nose as a bitter smile appeared on his mature and steady face. “I know.”

“My father has been stubborn since he was young. You told him to rest more, and I told him that as well, but he just wouldn’t listen. Originally, he took the medicine you gave him every month. Although he did not rest well, he was still quite healthy. This time…”

Wei Mingxuan couldn’t bring himself to say it.

This matter involved the Wei family’s scandal and his biological sister. He couldn’t tell others about it.

“A few days ago, my father had a terrible headache. He couldn’t sleep all night. We saw that he was losing weight and his condition was getting worse. My sister… was also anxious.”

Qiao Nian repeatedly reminded him that Old Master Wei had to rest well and recuperate more in order to prolong his life. How could he allow his father to go for surgery at his age?

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