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Chapter 1157: Dad Is Not an Ordinary Person

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Jiang Zongjin looked at his worried expression and sighed helplessly. He couldn’t say it at first, but he had no choice now. He lowered his voice and said to him very softly, “I understand what you mean. Don’t worry. Nian Nian is my daughter. I owe her so much. Since I said that we’re splitting up, I wouldn’t want her to suffer with me and be implicated by me.

“Dad, apart from being a professor at Qing University, I also work at the Research Institute.”

Old Master Jiang looked at him in shock. “You? In the Research Institute?!”

The country had a research institute that was similar to the Ninth Branch. It also studied top-notch technology. However, unlike the Ninth Branch, the Research Institute studied aerospace.

The Research Institute had a high status in the country. The people who worked there came into contact with those that the outer circle could never come close to.


Old Master Jiang had never thought that his eldest son, who seemed to be focused on academics, would have this ability.

It took him a long time to recover.

“I started working three years ago. I shouldn’t be telling you or anyone about this, but I was afraid that you would be worried sick about Nian Nian.” Jiang Zongjin was in a difficult position. “Dad, remember not to tell anyone about this.”

Old Master Jiang had already come back to his senses. He felt relieved and nodded solemnly. “I understand.”

He had originally wanted to split up the family assets. The second family had taken advantage of him because he had gotten rid of the two burdens.

Now he saw that it was a blessing in disguise.

He wondered if Wanru and the others would agree to the split as readily as they did if they knew about Zongjin’s job!

At this moment, Qiao Nian came back after answering the call. She still looked expressionless, but one could tell that she was a little frustrated. She raised her hand, revealing a fair and dazzling wrist from her sleeve. She pressed down on her cap as if she did not want Old Master Jiang and her father to see her anxious expression and quickly said, “Grandpa, Dad, I can’t go shopping with you guys in the afternoon.”

“Uh? What’s wrong?” Old Master Jiang immediately snapped out of his daze. He looked at her with his turbid and clear eyes and realized that something was wrong with her. “Did something happen?”

“Not really.”

Qiao Nian was not used to interacting with elders, especially those who were related to her by blood. She couldn’t act normally.

Facing Old Master Jiang’s gaze, she paused for a second and continued, “One of my friends’ grandfather is critically ill. I’m going to the provincial hospital to take a look.”

She did not expect Old Master Wei to suddenly be critically ill. Wei Lou sounded quite anxious in the call. She had to go and take a look.

“Do you want a driver to send you?” Jiang Zongjin made a prompt decision.

Qiao Nian did not hesitate. She looked up and nodded. “Okay.”

She was in a hurry. It would definitely be faster for a driver to send her there than for her to flag a taxi by the roadside. Of course, the sooner she got there, the better!

“He’s in the provincial hospital’s brain surgery building.” Qiao Nian did not treat herself as an outsider. As she spoke, she subconsciously felt an intimacy that even she did not notice.

Jiang Zongjin nodded and turned to the old man. “Dad, I’ll get someone to send you back to the sanatorium.”

Before he could finish, Old Master Jiang said seriously without thinking, “I’ll go with you. I’ll send Nian Nian off first. I don’t have any other plans, anyway.”

Jiang Zongjin thought for a moment and felt that this was fine. He did not waste any more time. He got into the car and quickly asked the driver to go to the provincial hospital.

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