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Chapter 1124: Half of the Fan Circle Join Forces to Snipe

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“Even so, we can’t change the result. Second place is second place. I’ll only make a laughingstock of myself if I make trouble again. The school cannot change the final result just because I make trouble.”

Jiang Xianrou spoke reasonably as if she was looking at the big picture.

In fact, Liang Lu sent her a message, saying that she had asked Liang Conglin to discuss the change of the score in private, but the principal did not agree and told her not to mention it again.

Jiang Xianrou was very annoyed and unwilling.

But Liang Lu’s message to her made it very clear: they couldn’t change the score, they had to accept the result…

Jiang Xianrou’s head buzzed when she thought of this.

Her grasping fingers tightened involuntarily, and she stopped talking.

She was stepped on by Qiao Nian this time. Although she was extremely annoyed, she just took the time to read the public opinion on the Internet.

The direction of public opinion seemed to be better than she thought.

Qiao Nian took first place, but she still didn’t lose this round!

On the other side, the results of the Qing University’s celebration came out, and Weibo was basically in a state of uproar.

“What? The deity lost to an outsider. The judges must have their ears covered in earwax. How could Zhui Guang lose? It’s so funny!”

“I just want to know what the judging criteria are. Grades? Haha, Qing University’s desire to promote the champion is too heavy.”

There was some silence.

Zhui Guang herself was mysterious and low-key, but she had always had a lot of fans. Zhui Guang was able to gain the attention of 2 million fans on a song-playing platform, her popularity was evident.

Zhui Guang even opened an account on Weibo.

Now her number of followers had exceeded 6 million.

Six million fans didn’t seem much compared to stars with 10 million fans, but everyone knew that it was impossible for a person who was too lazy to get a social account for many years to buy fans.

So, these 6 million followers on Weibo were real fans!

Moreover, Zhui Guang had not been on Weibo for a long time and usually did not post any updates. Some fanatics had also checked the frequency she entered Weibo and found that it was basically 0.

Zhui Guang herself might not log in to her Weibo account once every 10 days.

Even that didn’t stop her enthusiastic fans from following her account.

Last time, she supported Jiang Li, and the little star Weibo who threatened him was reposted 100,000 times. Now that little star was still being dug up and whipped by fans from time to time.

In this Qing University celebration, Zhui Guang was about to take the stage, so many fans were eagerly waiting, waiting for their idol to kill everyone in seconds.

As a result, they waited for the news that their idol killed everyone.

Fans couldn’t bear it any longer, and they must seek justice for the great god in their hearts on Weibo.

“Boohoo, it’s so pitiful to be a fan of Zhui Guang. She was sacrificed for the school’s favorite.”

“I demand a re-ranking!”

“I agree +1.”

In the beginning, only Zhui Guang fans were making trouble.

Later, Jiang Li’s fans also joined in.

After all, in the beginning, Zhui Guang came forward to speak up for Jiang Li.

Now that their brother’s (husband’s) sister had been bullied, they definitely wanted to share the same hatred with their future sister-in-law’s fans, tearing everything to pieces.

It was impossible for Zhui Guang to lose.

It was a shame for the school even if she lost.

The result was shady!

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