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Chapter 1123: Jiang Xianrou Is in a Hurry

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Qiao Nian didn’t want Song Tian to have the chance to keep her anymore, so she turned around and waved to a few people before striding forward and walking without looking back.

At the same time, on the other side backstage, Jiang Xianrou had already smashed everything she could see.

Her face was ugly, as black as the bottom of a pot, ashen.

2nd place?


Principal Liang, they really knew how to play!

Jiang Xianrou’s chest rose and fell violently, her head was clouded with anger, her eyelids rolled, her heartbeat thumped, and she almost choked.

Sitting on the dressing table and looking at her delicate makeup in the mirror was like looking at a clown. Thinking of the final ranking, she felt as if her breath was stuck in her throat, so she grabbed the lotion and slammed it on the mirror.

The glass bottle collided with the glass, and the vanity mirror cracked in a cobweb-like crack.

Jiang Xianrou’s face was cold, her hands rested on the dressing table, and she stared at the cracked mirror with hatred, as if she saw the defiant face of the girl she hated through the mirror.

She seemed to be strangled and she gasped when she thought of Qiao Nian’s sloppy, nonchalant face and eyes…

“Sister.” Zhao Ruoqi and the others stood trembling in the corner, not daring to go near her. They exchanged glances, still in a state of ignorance that they lost the opening ceremony.

In their opinion, they were still depending on Zhui Guang and Jiang Li to help out. How could the Clinical Department lose to the Chinese Medicine Faculty?

But it turned out that they had lost.

They hid behind the scenes and saw clearly when Qiao Nian and Song Tian went to perform. It was hard to say who won or lost in the dance, but the senior sister was indeed crushed by the one named Qiao Nian.

The person stood on the stage, wanton and tired. She was as striking as the center of the audience even if she only occupied a small corner of the stage.

The electronic piano version of ‘Nirvana’ left the senior sister’s piano version crushed.

Zhao Ruoqi watched Jiang Xianrou gradually become calm and silent. She bit her lip and dared not speak her heart out. She walked over and said angrily, “Sister, this result is shady!”


“The school just wants to promote newcomers, and the principal and the others are going too far. They can’t score randomly even if they want to promote the college entrance examination’s top scorer. Or… or let’s talk to the professor and let the professor come forward…”

What she meant was to go to Liang Lu to ask for another vote.

Jiang Xianrou’s brain was still immersed in humiliation at this moment. Hearing her words, she suddenly raised her head to look at her.

Those eyes were fierce as if they could swallow Zhao Ruoqi.

Zhao Ruoqi felt the hair on her back stand. She involuntarily shrank her neck and called out uneasily, “Sister Jiang…”

Sister Jiang looked so scary like she was going to eat her alive.

Jiang Xianrou heard her voice and seemed to come back to her senses. Her eyes flickered, then she looked away and lowered her voice arrogantly and unwillingly. “I can ask Professor Liang to intervene in the results, but it doesn’t mean I can’t lose, does it?”

“I… that’s not what I mean. I’m just complaining on your behalf, senior.” Zhao Ruoqi was so frightened that her face turned pale, and she quickly explained, “This result shows that they’re bullying us, Senior. You have put so much effort into taking the stage this time. They’re too much, so I couldn’t endure it…”

“I know.”

Jiang Xianrou seemed to calm down a little, and she sounded understanding, but her fingers were clenched, and her knuckles were white.

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