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Chapter 1125: Dinner With Father

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The fighting power of their fans was notoriously strong in the fan circle. This time, the team had rarely joined forces, and Qing University’s official website had been bombarded by fans.

The public opinion was so loud that Jiang Xianrou saw the comments on the Internet, and the resentment in her heart calmed down a little.

During this period, Jiang Li called her, but she did not answer.

Later, Jiang Li sent her a WeChat message, asking her to clarify on Weibo that she wasn’t Zhui Guang. She didn’t reply and even temporarily blocked him.

Out of sight, out of mind.

She had made up her mind that even if she didn’t win this time, she would crush Qiao Nian in terms of fame.

At Emerald Pavilion opposite Qing University.

Jiang Zongjin had just finished the report on the chip. After he was done, he went home to take a shower, shaved his beard and cleaned himself up, and then invited Qiao Nian out for dinner.

He knew that Qiao Nian didn’t like trouble, so he chose Emerald Pavilion, the Chinese restaurant closest to Qing University, and booked a small room.

He had already ordered the dishes when Qiao Nian arrived.

He immediately stood up and greeted her as soon as the girl walked through the door. “Nian Nian, here!”

He was the only one in the box. Qiao Nian saw him from the moment she entered. Then, she pressed the brim of her hat and walked over with her head held high.

Jiang Zongjin dragged a chair over and helped her put the piano case away before sitting back in his seat. “I ordered some of your favorite dishes. Take a look and see if you want to add anything else.”

He handed her the menu with circles of the dishes he had ordered.

“Okay.” Qiao Nian didn’t stand on courtesy with him. Taking it over and scanning it, she found that Jiang Zongjin ordered mostly spicy dishes. She put down the menu again and followed up with the waiter who came to pour the water. “Help me add one more dish. Spicy Chicken.”

“Okay.” The waiter poured her some tea, took her order, and immediately went out to place the order in the back kitchen.

It was hot and the door was not closed.

Qiao Nian rolled up her sleeves, revealing a dazzling white wrist. She took a cup of tea and took a sip of tea before speaking to Jiang Zongjin, “Don’t come here next time, I know a restaurant that makes better food.”

She was referring to the Imperial Mansion.

Ye Wangchuan and Qin Si had both taken her to eat there, and the chefs there were obviously better than at Emerald Pavilion.

The spicy chicken was also made with fresh chili, and the taste was authentic.

In addition, the first-hand Cantonese cuisine of Imperial Mansion’s chef was very good, which was more suitable for Jiang Zongjin’s taste, unlike Emerald Pavilion’s spicy taste.

“Okay.” Jiang Zongjin nodded dotingly without asking the name of the restaurant.

Soon, the dishes they ordered were delivered.

Jiang Zongjin didn’t eat much. He served Qiao Nian the whole time, with a foolish face of “I’ll be satisfied when you’re full”.

Qiao Nian was served by him the whole time, but she was not used to it. She lost her appetite without even eating two bites, but she saw Jiang Zongjin was immersed in serving her food and didn’t say anything. She silently finished the food in the bowl.

Qiao Nian put down her chopsticks, leaned on the back of the chair holding the teacup in both hands, drank tea, and rested lazily when she was done eating.

Jiang Zongjin said, “Nian Nian, do you have any plans for the afternoon?”

“Hmm?” Qiao Nian raised her head to look at him, holding the teacup.

Burned by Jiang Zongjin’s expectant eyes, she turned her head unnaturally to answer, “No.”

Overjoyed, Jiang Zongjin immediately said, “Let’s go see your grandpa later.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nian didn’t have any objections.

Jiang Zongjin was already dancing with joy. He immediately got up and picked up the mobile phone on the table. “I’ll go and call your grandfather.”

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