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Chapter 1119: Some People Stand There as a Beam of Light

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“I… in case I’m too nervous and dance the wrong move…”

Qiao Nian had already adjusted the equipment. Hearing that, she raised her head. She was not used to the spotlights on the stage. It was too eye-catching. She pressed down the brim of her cap and repeated what Song Tian said in the background with a slightly relaxed tone, “If you dance wrong, so be it. It won’t affect the graduation certificate~”

Song Tian: “…”

Boohoo! She wanted to cry even more now!

After joking with her, Qiao Nian saw that the girl was really so frightened that her face turned pale. She comforted her softly, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Her tone was rather dry, and she added sloppily, “They will only do it to me if they want to shut you down. Don’t worry, I’m behind you.”

Song Tian looked at her without blinking and was moved to tears.

The preparation time on the stage was very short, and Song Tian had almost no time to adjust her mood. The stage teacher kept urging them to start behind the curtain.

Song Tian took a deep breath and nodded to Qiao Nian without a trace, indicating that she was ready.

At the same time.

The girl behind the electronic piano raised her hand, and the smooth electronic sound poured out.

Unlike the piano, which emphasized the timbre of the piano itself, the timbre of the electronic piano was quite rich, with a variety of strings, wind instruments, and percussion timbres.

These different types of timbres were as effective in the hands of a master as a piano with an elegant impression.

Qiao Nian was clearly the best among them.

She looked like a passerby strolling in the courtyard under the stage lights. She didn’t look as conspicuous as Jiang Xianrou, once she started to play.

Jiang Xianrou’s so-called dazzling skills had all become garbage.

Major triads, minor triads, diminished seventh chords.

A series of high-order chords leaked out smoothly with Song Tian’s dance moves.

Then, there were the rare seventh chords, hanging chords, and so on.

The audience’s attention in the great hall was completely controlled by the notes pierced by the electronic keyboard on the stage.

The girl’s right-hand fingers were passed from below when playing, and the left-hand fingers came from above. The index finger, middle finger, and ring finger were alternately played, and the F major went straight up 4-3 fingerings. The Music Department below watched, and the teachers opened their mouths in disbelief.

“This, this is impossible…”

Qiao Nian’s skills were too exaggerated!

It wasn’t something humans could do.

Jiang Xianrou also used a lot of professional skills when she played ‘Nirvana’ just now, but compared with the skills used by Qiao Nian, it was like the gap between kindergarten students and college students!


Qiao Nian’s familiarity with the electronic piano was comparable to that of a professional!

No, this level should be above the professional level!

The layman only knew the degree of excitement of listening to the music to distinguish the good from the bad, but the professionals always unconsciously paid attention to what skills the player had used when listening to music performances.

Jiang Xianrou lost this time.

The electronic piano beat the piano.

‘Nirvana’ was really more energetic when played electronically.

The kind of strong shock that penetrated your soul, grabbed your neck, made your heart stop, and rendered you breathless.

Jiang Xianrou’s music didn’t do any of that!

Moreover, the group dance was centered on Jiang Xianrou and danced around her when she was on the stage.

Qiao Nian’s performance was not.

Everyone in the audience looked at the girl who retreated to the back and gave the stage to Song Tian with complicated eyes, unable to express their feelings.

Some people were like a beam of light.

They couldn’t be ignored even if they didn’t speak.

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