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Chapter 1120: Sister Nian Has Buried Jiang Xianrou

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Qiao Nian was such a person.

She stepped back and gave Song Tian the stage, and then Song Tian’s solo dance became Nirvana’s music, complementing each other, and the stage showed the effect of 1+1>2…

They had won.

The audience was stunned.

Zhou Yang was still full of praise for Jiang Xianrou’s performance, but at the moment he was stunned and couldn’t control his voice. “I’m sorry, that girl in the Chinese Medicine Faculty isn’t wearing a dance skirt, but why do I think this is what’s called the phoenix dance?”

Compared with Song Tian’s folk dance, Jiang Xianrou’s performance just now was more like a mob.

“Heh.” Wen Ziyu crossed his arms and sneered when he heard this, suppressing the same astonishment in his heart as Zhou Yang. But he already knew about it. “I told you a long time ago that Nirvana is a kind of artistic conception, it’s not the form. Jiang Xianrou’s performance just now paid too much attention to the form, but made it nondescript…”

Zhou Yang turned his head to look at him, and the admiration in his eyes couldn’t be hidden. “F*ck, Young Master Wen knows more. I thought Qiao Nian and the others would lose!”

He never thought that the Chinese Medicine Faculty could win.

His first reaction was that the Chinese Medicine Faculty would be buried and beaten by the Clinical Department as soon as he heard that there would be a clash in their performances.

Now it seemed… Young Master Wen had good insights!

Her title as this year’s No. 1 in Qing University was not for nothing!

How impressive!

She was a goddess-like senior.

“Of course.” Wen Ziyu smiled with a guilty conscience, but in a good mood, he kept looking at the stage and couldn’t bear to turn his eyes.

Song Tian should be the center of the stage.

Qiao Nian only occupied one corner.

But he could only see the person in the corner.

It seemed that with that person, what he once called romantic affairs was all bullshit. This was love; at least his heartbeat was thumping at the moment, that kind of excited feeling as if he was shining brightly on the stage, and a sense of pride rose spontaneously!

“Remember. In the future, who cares about the deity? Strength is more important.”Support our Bon

Wen Ziyu raised his chin slightly and said proudly, “A deity like Jiang Xianrou who toots her own torn is not as good as a passerby!”

Zhui Guang?


Zhou Yang nodded in agreement and kept quiet.

Fu Ge was beside him, but his face was gloomy and cold as if water could drip at any time. He looked at the girl on stage in disbelief, like he had seen a ghost.

Qiao Nian had buried Jiang Xianrou?

The performance took about 5-6 minutes.

Jiang Xianrou and the others spent 6 minutes.

Qiao Nian had adapted the song and only took 5 minutes in the end.

The dance ended.

Song Tian squatted on the ground, gasping heavily after finishing her last dance move.

But she danced really well.

Qiao Nian’s music seemed to inject invisible power into her, making her unconsciously forget the audience and immerse herself in her own dance.




That state of self-immersion was too comfortable.

It wasn’t until the thunderous applause from the audience broke out that Song Tian pulled away from the phoenix artistic conception and looked at the audience with a pair of bewildered eyes.

Until Qiao Nian pulled her up, led her to bow to the audience, and then stepped off the stage holding her arm… Song Tian finally came back to her senses. Hearing the applause from the front desk, she couldn’t hide her excitement and asked, “Qiao Nian, do you think we can take first place?”

She had felt ashamed before her dance.

Now, she felt confident about taking first place!

Everyone from the Chinese Medicine Faculty was there backstage.

Zhou Moyan silently passed the water bottles to the two of them.

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