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Chapter 1118: Coward on the Stage

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Jiang Xianrou’s performance just now was so shocking that most of the audience was still immersed in the previous performance. Unlike Jiang Xianrou who came up with thunderous applause from backstage, the great hall was extremely quiet when Song Tian and Qiao Nian came up.

The audience didn’t care who came up.

Some unqualified audience members were still discussing Jiang Xianrou’s performance with each other.

Wen Ziyu clenched his palms as he saw Qiao Nian coming on stage. Everyone’s reaction was the same—they felt unfairness from the bottom of their hearts to Qiao Nian and the others.

No matter how angry he was, it was impossible for him to lose his temper on this occasion.

On the contrary, Fu Ge, who was sitting on the other side of him, looked at the scene in the great hall with cold eyes. He raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and a trace of happiness could be seen in his eyes!


He didn’t have time to enjoy the pleasure.

Suddenly, he heard applause from the front row.

Only one person was applauding.

The man’s applause was particularly firm and loud.

It was like a thunderstorm in the silent hall, making many people who didn’t care realize that a new performance was starting.

Wen Ruxia also heard the steady and powerful applause coming from her side and leaned forward to look in the direction of the sound.

She saw the side profile of a handsome man.

Her eyes became more clear. She smiled, then raised her hand and clapped.

This year’s opening ceremony was not low. Liang Conglin valued this year’s freshmen and had invited many celebrities to come.

Including people from the Ministry of Culture, he had also invited them with all his strength.

But among these people, it really depended on their bloodline and status, and most of them had to pay for the accounts of the two old-fashioned families, the Ye and Wen families.

Seeing that Ye Wuchuan took the lead in applauding, Wen Ruxia followed closely behind.

The others looked at each other, raised their hands, and clapped vacantly even if they were not interested in the self-humiliating performance of the Chinese Medicine Faculty on the stage.

After one person started the ball rolling, the second person would follow, and so on.

Applause gradually sounded in the great hall.

Although not as highly anticipated as when Jiang Xianrou came on stage, it definitely filled the atmosphere!

On the stage.

Qiao Nian took out her electronic piano from her black backpack and found a place near the backstage to plug it in and tune it.

Song Tian was also standing on the stage. She nervously clenched the seam of her trousers and watched the lights flickering. The crowd below was full of spectators. Her courage from just now was nowhere to be seen, and a thick layer of sweat appeared on the palms of her hands.

“Qiao, Qiao Nian…”

Song Tian’s nervous voice trembled unnaturally. She stayed on the spot like a wooden stake, not daring to move, and called Qiao Nian’s name as if this would make her feel more secure.


The girl tuning the electronic keyboard behind her raised her head, revealing a melon face as beautiful as a peach and plum.

She was much prettier than Jiang Xianrou!

It was just that she didn’t wear couture or fancy makeup. Her face was bare, and her leisurely posture was the greatest contempt for Jiang Xianrou’s dress-up.

Song Tian was almost captured by her at first glance, but she was still scared to death, and she asked in a trembling voice, “Are you saying we’ll be fine?”

Qiao Nian calmly pressed the piano key with one hand to try the sound effect. She hadn’t released a new song recently, so she hadn’t used this equipment for a long time. She didn’t forget to answer Song Tian’s question despite being busy. “Don’t worry, there will be no problem.”

“What should I do if my legs are starting to soften?” Song Tian was about to cry while standing on the stage.

She didn’t expect so many people to be in the audience.

She was brave offstage, but a coward onstage!

What should she do if she wanted to cry?

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