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Chapter 110: Sister Nian Giving Presents Like Santa Claus

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After speaking, he then turned to Qiao Nian. He held the brooches shyly and asked, “Sister, could you help me with it? I don’t know how to put it on.”

My ass! Jiang Li thought.

Everyone in the Ye family was smart. Ye Qichen was smart as well. He was capable of assembling a gun by himself when he was young. Who would fall for his lie!


However, Qiao Nian believed him. She walked towards him and asked softly, “Which one do you want to put on first?”

Ye Qichen could feel his heart racing seeing Qiao Nian so close to him. He started to flush as he pointed at the brooch shaped like a cat. He then said, “This one.”

Qiao Nian then put on the brooch for him. She even adjusted it for him. After that, she stood up and said smilingly, “I’m done.”

She gave him a thumbs up and said, “It looks great on you.”

Ye Qichen smiled, and everyone could see his joy. He started to feel the brooch carefully. It was as though he was afraid that it wouldn’t look nice on him. He asked nervously, “Really? Does it really look nice?”

Qiao Nian nodded firmly and said, “You can ask your uncle.”

Ye Qichen obeyed her. He turned towards his uncle and asked, “Uncle, do I look nice with this?”

Ye Wangchuan looked at how prideful he was and got jealous. He thought and replied smilingly, “It’s fine. You should wear a cuter shirt next time.”

“Ok.” Ye Qichen then told Gu San, “I should get a cat shirt next time.”

Gu San felt sorry for Master Ye. Master Ye would always tell Little Young Master to wear cuter clothes. But he would reject him as he felt that he shouldn’t be wearing such clothes as a guy.

He wasn’t even willing to wear shirts with tigers on them. Yet, he was willing to wear shirts with cats on them.

Master Ye was such a poor soul.

Jiang Li was jealous and asked Qiao Nian, “Nian Nian, are the gifts only for Chen Chen? What about mine?”

Qiao Nian remembered and answered, “Oh, right. I’ve bought some gifts for you too.”

Ye Wangchuan turned a serious look. Even Jiang Li was receiving a present?

What about him?


He pouted and tensed up and emitted a cold aura.

Qiao Nian took out three boxes from the bags. As though she was Santa Claus, she gave one to each of them.

“I saw them when I was shopping. They looked nice, so I got one for each of you guys.”

Jiang Li thought that only he had a gift. However, when he realized that Master Wang also had one, he started to feel bad. Damn, even Gu San had one!


He then opened the box unhappily. It was a dark bracelet. Even though the design was simple, he could tell that it was branded.

He couldn’t remember what brand it was, but he remembered that it wasn’t cheap.

“I have one too?” Gu San was shocked and took the gift. He then saw it. It was similar to Jiang Li’s. He knew the brand. It was as luxurious as Seven.

It would have cost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

How did Miss Qiao have so much money, could it be fake?

He remembered that there was a shop that specialized in selling fake goods. A lot of young girls would shop there. This was because even though the goods were fake, the packaging was real and would look the same as the real deal.

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