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Chapter 109: Damn, That’s Skipping One Generation

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His bad reputation came from the women that wanted to hook up with Master Wang. They would fail and spread rumors that Qichen had a bad personality after being humiliated.

Gu San looked at him in disbelief and asked, “Young Master Jiang, are you unaware?”

What should I be aware of? Jiang Li was confused and asked, “What’s going on?”

Suddenly, someone opened the door of the ward.

Qiao Nian entered with bags of gifts.

Shocked, his eyes widened. He exclaimed, “Nian Nian?!”

Why was his sister here?

Only Master Wang picked him up from the airport. Master Wang even told him that the dinner was canceled because Nian Nian went out.

Why was she here anyway, shouldn’t she be out?

Before he could react, Master Wang, who was uninterested just now, went over to her immediately. He was even faster than her brother. He took over the bags of gifts and said, “It must be too heavy for you. I can handle it.”

“Alright,” said Qiao Nian. Since some of the gifts were for him, she passed most of the bags to him and kept two of the seven bags. She then walked towards the bed.

Seeing her, the kids’ eyes lit up. The bad attitude that he showed Jiang Li just now was gone. He was just an obedient cutie now.

Blushing, he greeted her softly. “Sister, I… I have been a good boy. I’ve finished all the medication. My uncle is my witness.”

When he finished, he looked at his uncle with round eyes. It was obvious that he wanted to be complimented.

Ye Wangchuan scoffed. He put down the bags and said, “You asked him to listen to the doctor during our meal last time. He was obedient and listened to the doctors. They said that he’s recovering and could be discharged in a few days.”

Qiao Nian looked at the little guy. His round face made him look really cute. She felt happier after seeing him.

She walked towards him and passed him the bag. She patted him on the head and said, “Aren’t you a good boy? This is for you.”

Ye Qichen was elated.

Sister bought him a gift!

This gift was from his sister!

He immediately took it and opened the present. He took out a box, opened it, and saw two brooches inside. One was in the shape of a cat and the other was in the shape of a seahorse.

They were adorable!

“Do you like them?” Qiao Nian had never bought gifts for children before. Hence, she didn’t know what they liked. But she felt that they would like cute objects like these. However, she realized that she was a boy and wasn’t sure if he’d like them. She asked, “Are they too cute?”

Ye Qichen held onto them as though they were his precious and immediately said, “I love cute toys!”

Jiang Li was jealous. He scoffed and exposed him. “Didn’t you like tanks, planes, and Gundams?”

When did he like cute things, anyway? Master Ye bought him several soft toys before, yet he had never played with them.

But he had realized something and asked, “The sister you were speaking about before is Nian Nian?”

Damn! He was an uncle, yet his sister was now an older sister to the kid. That’s skipping one generation!

Ye Qichen didn’t want to care about him, but since he was Sister Qiao Nian’s brother, he had to reply to him. “Sister is Sister Nian Nian. Only Sister Nian Nian is a sister to me.”

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