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Chapter 111: The Whole World Is Suffering Except You

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Jiang Li didn’t care whether it was real or not. He put on the bracelet happily and took some pictures of it using his cell phone. He then sent it to his grandpa, dad, and uncle. He even posted it on his social media account.


Jiang Li V: [The whole world is suffering except me. Thank you my darling (smiley face).]


There was a photo of his bracelet attached.

As he had 50 million followers, his fans saw the post when it was uploaded. They started to like and share his post.

After that, they started to comment on it.

I’m Brother Li Zi’s cutie: [Ah, your arm is everything to me!]

Jiang Li’s wife: [Damn, hubby. I love your hand!]

Mommy Fan: [My son, I love you! Everyone is suffering except for my son.]


Everyone started to think logically after praising him.

abc without d: [Wait, isn’t this his official account? Who’s the darling that gave it to him?]

Flying to dance: [Damn, I’m jealous. What should I do? I wanna die. Don’t be in a relationship. Who’s the bitch that stole you away from me?]

Someone then commented on Jiang Li’s Weibo.

You’ll win if you fight me: [I’ve read it from a forum. Jiang Li had been getting close to the pretty, rich lady from Ren Yi—Qiao Chen. They even attended the same show. They’re both from Rao City as well. Could it be her? I’ve heard that Qiao Chen is his ideal type.]


Jiang Li was super popular. If someone saw him sneezing on the street, the hashtag to ask him to keep warm would be trending.

Hence, even though it wasn’t a serious comment, his female fans saw it.

#Qiao Chen# immediately started trending.

Even though it wasn’t in the top ten trending hashtags, it brought some attention to her.

Qiao Chen also posted something coincidentally.

It was a photo of a flower with the caption: Everything is beautiful.

No one believed that they were together. However, because of this coincidence, some of the inexperienced girls believed it.

They thought that something was going on.

Young Master Jiang exited the app after showing off the present that Qiao Nian gave him. He didn’t see how Qiao Chen was getting popular because of him.

He even received a phone call from his grandpa. He asked him what the bracelet looked like in envy. He even asked him to send the bracelet to Beijing one day.

His dad was calmer and asked him to take good care of his sister.

However, the uncle was upset. He sent him three texts. The first told him not to brag about it. The second warned that bragging would bring him misfortune. The last one asked him to share the joy…


Jiang Li was elated.

He kept his phone after boasting to everyone. Then, he realized what was wrong. He stared at Ye Wangchuan’s bracelet.

“Damn, Master Wang. Why are our bracelets black and yours is silver?”

It was pretty obvious that Ye Wangchuan’s bracelet looked nicer than Gu San’s and his own.

Ye Wangchuan looked down as he stretched. When he noticed the difference, his eyes lit up and he smiled. He then hid his hand from Jiang Li and said, “Is that so? I feel that they look the same.”

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