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Chapter 108: Could It Be Random Girls Want to Hook Up With Master Wang

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In the afternoon, Qiao Nian took a cab to the hospital.

There were a lot of people there. However, she didn’t have to queue as she wasn’t seeing a doctor. She headed straight for the wards.

There were a lot of people in the consultation area. However, it was silent at the wards. Patients were walking in the garden with the helpers. It was serene.

As she was holding on to quite a bit of stuff, she didn’t visit Uncle Chen first. She went straight up to the eighth floor.

There were quite a few people in the VIP ward.

Other than Gu San and Ye Wangchuan, a young man wearing a cap was there as well. Wearing a blue shirt, he looked youthful.

He was trying to play with the boy in the bed.

“Chen Chen, don’t be so cold to me. The first thing I did, now that I’m back, is to find you. Yet, you’re not willing to look at me. You should at least look at the toy I bought for you. It’s a limited edition Gundam, your favorite. It’s even capable of moving on its own. Are you not even looking at it?”


He didn’t turn back and continued to back-face him. It was clear that he wasn’t interested.


Jiang Li scratched his head and asked, “Master Wang, since when did he outgrow his love of Gundams? He’s no longer interested in them.”

Ye Wangchuan looked at the silent boy. He leaned against the couch and said, “He’s in a bad mood.”

Qiao Nian hadn’t visited in three days. The boy missed her but didn’t dare to look for her. Hence, he was angry with himself.

Gu San knew what was going on. He then said smilingly to the clueless Jiang Li, “Young Master Jiang, pass me the robot. Little Young Master will surely like your gift when he’s feeling better.”


Jiang Li passed the gift to him and complained. “Why is he in a bad mood, anyway? Who dares to make him angry? I’ll take care of the person. How dare they bully our Chen Chen?”

Before Gu San could say that he wouldn’t be able to beat the person.

The boy stood up and screamed at him defensively. “Don’t bully Sister.”

Jiang Li was confused.

Jiang Li saw that he was being protective of the person. The two of them exchanged glances, then he asked, “Chen Chen, I’m trying to help you. Why are you defending the person that bullied you? Oh, who’s Sister?”

Ye Qichen didn’t want to answer him. He then scoffed with a prideful expression. “Sister is my only sister. There’s no other sister for me except for her.”


He only knew one sister that saved his life. She was the only one that pulled him by the hand when he was about to die. She even hugged him as she dragged him towards the shore.

Jiang Li was confused.

Look at him.

Jiang Li knew that he wouldn’t get anything out of him. He turned to Ye Wangchuan and asked, “Master Wang, who’s the sister Chen Chen is talking about?”

Could it be that random girls were trying to hook up with Master Wang through Chen Chen?

He was worried.

Situations like this one happened before. Tons of women wanted to hook up with Master Wang. Some of them would just confess to him, but others would try to act like they needed help to attract his attention.

Since they weren’t able to do it through Master Ye, they had to do it through Chen Chen.

Since he was a young child, Ye Qichen always had women around him that showered him with affection, but Jiang Li had never seen him treat any of them nicely. He would be scarier than Master Wang when he was angry and would torture them. Else, he wouldn’t be known as the King Of Beijing.

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