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Chapter 1075: Tian Jing Apologizes to Sister Nian

Liang Conglin wanted to find a chance to ask Qiao Nian about Tian Chen. He couldn’t find a suitable opportunity for now, so he could only return to school to settle the subsequent matters.

The chip research was a project with a lot of investment in the country. This time, it had achieved a breakthrough from zero to one. Most importantly, it had obtained the recognition of the International IT Association. As the principal, he still had to write a summary report. As for whether this report included Qiao Nian helping them, that was his private matter.

Liang Conglin didn’t plan to include this small episode.

After a round of small talk, the group of 20 people dispersed outside the terminal.

Tian Jing was the most silent person.

Be it at the airport in the illegal district or after returning to Beijing, she never took the initiative to talk to anyone she was familiar with.

She didn’t congratulate Jiang Zongjin and the others for successfully obtaining the recognition of the IT Association, either.

They were silent the entire way.

When they separated, she dragged her feet until she was the last to leave. Before she left, she called out to the girl in the cap who had not rested well after getting off the plane. She stammered, “Um… Qiao Nian.”

Qiao Nian looked up with her dark eyes. However, she was quite cold. She had her hands in her pockets and stood more casually.

Tian Jing met the girl’s cold eyes and felt a little suffocated. A moment later, she pressed her toes together and grabbed the handle of the suitcase tightly. The back of her hand was white from holding it tightly. It was obvious that she was very awkward and nervous.


However, Qiao Nian did not say anything. She could only bite the bullet and endure the awkwardness as she continued, “I shouldn’t have acted like that. I only heard some bad things about you from others, causing me to misunderstand you.”

After Tian Jing mentally prepared herself, she took a deep breath and suppressed the shame in her heart. Her eyes met hers. “I apologize for what happened previously!”

After saying this, she felt much more relaxed. The huge rock that had been pressing on her heart was no longer so heavy.

She thought that it was unlikely that Qiao Nian would still treat her nicely.

After all, she had found trouble with her first. She had nothing to say even if Qiao Nian didn’t give her face at this moment.

Unexpectedly, the girl only changed her posture and glanced at her with a calm expression. She had no intention of making things difficult for her.

“What did Professor Tian do previously?”

Tian Jing was stunned.

Qiao Nian continued, “I don’t remember.”

This attitude was the same as when they set off from Beijing two or three days ago. It was slow and sounded casual.

However, a few days ago, she felt disgusted. She felt that Qiao Nian was just like Liang Lu had said. She was young, not practical, and was good at pretending. She also did not respect her teachers.

Now, in another situation, hearing the same tone again and seeing that the girl was still treating her with the same attitude…

She suddenly let go.

The corners of her mouth twitched, but she did not say anything else. She only nodded and whispered in a voice only the two of them could hear, “Thank you.”

With that, she greeted Jiang Zongjin and said politely, “Then, Professor Jiang, I won’t disturb your reunion. I’ll make a move first and return to the laboratory.”

Tian Jing did not want others to know that she had shown weakness by apologizing to Qiao Nian. Therefore, she delayed until the last person left to speak to Qiao Nian alone.

It didn’t take her long.

In Jiang Li and Jiang Zongjin’s eyes, they only saw Tian Jing say a few words to the girl alone. They didn’t hear her clearly. They only saw Tian Jing say something and then smile at Qiao Nian before leaving.

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