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Chapter 1101: Playing Dumb With Him!

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She usually bought her own parts for her computer. The operating software was also developed for the Red Alliance.

The parts were not sold outside.

However, the system was smooth and definitely better than the computer systems on the market.

About half an hour later, a middle-aged man wearing sunglasses and a long down coat strode into the exhibition hall with his wife.

The Jing family members standing at the door were stunned silly.

F*ck, isn’t this…

We have to hurry up and inform Sixth Master. If they bump into him, wouldn’t it be awkward?

Master Xu reached out to take off his sunglasses. “Are those people at the door from the Jing family?”

“It seems so.”

“Enemies are really bound to meet on a narrow road. It would be great if I could meet that brat Jing Hanchuan. I haven’t seen him in a long time. We can even have lunch together and…” He smiled. “… catch up.”

The woman beside him smiled helplessly. She felt that it was common for children to fight and bleed. She didn’t understand why her husband took it to heart and hated him for more than twenty years.

Actually, Jing Hanchuan knew to carry their daughter on his back to see a doctor back then.

At the very least, he was responsible and dared to take responsibility.

was back.

Seeing him coming in like a gust of wind, Jiang Zongnan frowned and said unhappily, “Jiang Li, what are you doing? Why didn’t you call in advance…”

Jiang Li ignored him and walked over to Jiang Xianrou. He stood in front of her with a dark expression. “I heard that you’re going to play Zhui Guang’s song at the school opening ceremony? Why?”

Jiang Xianrou placed her chopsticks on the bowl. She did not understand why he came home just to fight with her. Why? She was unhappy. She pulled a long face and lowered her eyes as if she didn’t understand. “What do you mean ‘why’?”

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