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Chapter 1074: Isn’t He Asking to Be Scolded?

Along the way, Liang Conglin wanted to find a chance to ask Qiao Nian why Tian Chen’s mark was on the envelope. Was the “person she knew” Tian Chen’s person?

However, he did not find a chance.

There were too many people.

This kind of thing was too private. It wasn’t good for him to say it in front of too many people.

They soon arrived at the airport.

Jiang Zongjin’s research team was already waiting at the boarding gate. When the two sides met, they naturally had endless things to talk about. The main thing was to talk about the storm caused by the chip.

Among the group of experts in their 40s or 50s, one person looked especially outstanding.

Qiao Nian saw Jiang Li in the crowd.

He still had the same appearance as when they parted ways in Rao City. His messy hair was disheveled, and his facial features were exquisite and outstanding. He had the kind of delicate looks that girls liked the most. Just by looking at his facial features, he had inherited the Jiang family’s unique beauty. However, because he was a man, his facial features were still more prominent. His jawline was well-defined, making his looks have an additional masculine charm.

Jiang Li was still very tall when it came to height. He was 1.83 meters tall. He was clean, handsome, and had an outstanding temperament.

No wonder he could become one of the top celebrities in the entertainment industry.


However, he didn’t look like he had been living well these past few days. He was not as arrogant as usual. He was pouting and in low spirits. His head was drooped, looking like a primary school student who had made a mistake.

Qiao Nian only glanced at him.

He immediately lowered his head even more. There was probably a hole in the ground. He had long dug a hole and buried himself.

However, he thought too much.

Qiao Nian only glanced at him before slowly retracting her gaze. She pulled her cap down. Then, she walked past him, found a seat, took out her phone, and lowered her eyes. Her earphones were still in her ears as if she was listening to a song. She had no intention of speaking to him.

“…” Jiang Li was mentally prepared. He waited for her to question him, but the girl sat on a stool in the waiting room 80 feet away from him and ignored him.

He was stunned.

He felt even more uncomfortable when he returned to his senses. He felt even more uncomfortable than if he had been scolded by his sister. His heart burned with anxiety. He wanted to go over, but he felt that if she didn’t look for him, he would be asking for a scolding! He shouldn’t go…

Jiang Li secretly looked at the girl sitting there playing with her phone and waiting for the plane. He pursed his lips and frowned tightly, almost twisting it into a bow.

Damn it!

Should he take the initiative to confess in this situation?

The flight arrived punctually.

Qiao Nian had only sat for a few minutes when she heard the announcement to board the plane.

She took off her earphones and took out her phone. After some thought, she lowered her eyes and sent Ye Wangchuan a message.

[QN: I’m boarding the plane.]

Not long after the message was sent, she received a reply from a certain someone: [Nian Nian, tell me when you arrive.]

Qiao Nian held her phone in her cold hand and did not reply. Instead, she found an anonymous person from her list of contacts.


She looked at it. The dialog box was empty, and the other party had not sent her a message.

Before she got on the plane, she sent a message.

[Thank you.]

With just two short words, Qiao Nian saw that after the message was sent successfully, she had emptied her WeChat messages. She put her phone in her pocket and boarded the plane casually.

The plane shot into the sky.

Ten hours later, it landed at the Capital International Airport.

In the terminal.

Liang Conglin and the others got their luggage. After the past few days, everyone wanted to go back early to wash up and rest.

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