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Chapter 1070: Want to Beat Sister Nian at the Opening Ceremony

“I…” Still immersed in the previous topic, Jiang Xianrou frowned and was about to find a reason to reject her.

Liang Lu said to herself, “The Chinese Medicine Faculty will also be holding a performance at this year’s opening ceremony. I’ve asked the teachers in the admissions office. They’ve only recruited about 20 students this year. Among them, only Qiao Nian is Master Nie’s private disciple.”

Which meant that…

“The Chinese Medicine Faculty can only look for Qiao Nian if they want to participate in this school opening ceremony and come up with a program.”

Everyone in Beijing’s upper-class circle knew that Jiang Xianrou originally wanted to become Nie Mi’s disciple, but she was miserably rejected. Nie Mi even announced his private disciple at his birthday banquet—a high school girl from Rao City!

At that time, this news caused quite a stir in the circle.

It was just that most people were afraid to mention this in front of her because she played well with Qin Si’s small circle.

But it didn’t take a genius to figure out that many people were talking behind her back.

Jiang Xianrou’s expression did not look good. She swallowed the rejection that was about to come out of her mouth.

Liang Lu didn’t notice the change in her mood. She rubbed her temples again as if she had not slept well all night and then asked her with a tired expression, “Our Clinical Department will definitely be participating in this opening ceremony performance. You have a specialty in this area and are about to graduate. This is a good opportunity for you. I would like you to represent our department at this opening ceremony. What do you think? We can talk about it.”

Jiang Xianrou was still considering.


Liang Lu looked at her again. Her lips were pursed, and the corners of her mouth were pulled down. Her face looked a little sharp, and she did not have the bearing of an authoritative expert.

She picked up the flask at the side, unscrewed the lid, took a sip of tea, and put the flask back. She waited patiently. Seeing that Jiang Xianrou had yet to express her stance, she continued.

“I originally wanted you to get a ranking in the previous medical competition so that when you graduate, your file would look better. In the end, it didn’t go well. You didn’t get a good ranking and even allowed the Chinese Medicine Faculty to be in the limelight.”

Jiang Xianrou looked up with an embarrassed expression. She pinched her hand that was hanging by her side and responded sadly, “Professor…”

“I don’t mean to blame you.”

Liang Lu didn’t look at her and only said calmly, “It’s just that our Clinical Department has been suppressing the Chinese Medicine Faculty for so many years. Since we stumbled the last time… I mean, it’s best if we can get it back at the opening ceremony. You’re an outstanding student of our department and a member of my laboratory. You’re good at this. Why waste it…”

The Chinese Medicine Faculty had recruited 20 people this year. The outside world might look down on this number. However, the people in Qing University knew very well that in the past, the number of students who enrolled in the Chinese Medicine Faculty was always in the single digit.

Even with so few students, by the time they were in their second year, most would have applied for a transfer.

It could be seen how unpopular the Chinese Medicine Faculty was!

This year, this unpopular faculty had broken the record of single-digit enrollment over the past few years and recruited more than 20 students. Liang Lu didn’t believe that it had nothing to do with Qiao Nian!

Qiao Nian’s college entrance examination results this year were too heaven-defying!

750. Full-marks top scorer.

However, she chose Qing University’s most unpopular major—Chinese Medicine. This attracted the attention of many college entrance examination candidates.

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