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Chapter 1071: A Couple’s Profile Picture on WeChat

At this rate, the Chinese Medicine Faculty would only get better and better.

Liang Lu suppressed her jealousy and tried to hide the emotions in her eyes as she slammed the flask on the table. “Our Clinical Department is not inferior to the Chinese Medicine Department. There’s no reason for us to let them be in the limelight every time. We will definitely suppress them during this school opening ceremony!”

Especially Qiao Nian…

Jiang Xianrou pursed her lips tightly again and fell into deep thought.

At the illegal district.

Just as Qiao Nian had expected, the results from the Council came out at noon. The IT Association had rejected Hengfeng Corporation’s request.

It proved the Qing University’s research team’s innocence.

They even posted a portion of the research materials that Liang Conglin and the others had brought on the IT Association’s official website.

The information that Liang Conglin and the others had brought with them clearly stated that the research team of Qing University had started chip research three years ago.

They only came to a breakthrough this year.


They had irrefutable evidence.

Hengfeng Corporation had always been famous for being unreasonable in the industry, but this time, it was surprisingly peaceful. After Qi Rongguang negotiated with the Council, he did not raise any objections to this outcome.

Then, there was the matter of preparing to go back.

Qiao Nian didn’t sleep well the past two days. She couldn’t sleep well in this unfamiliar bed and had several strange nightmares.


She woke up in cold sweat.

Getting up, she showered and blow-dried her hair, then ordered the hotel’s room service for lunch.

She had just received a call from Liang Conglin, saying that the matter had been resolved, and she said that she was preparing to go back.

Qiao Nian knew that she wouldn’t be staying here for long. She didn’t bring a suitcase like Liang Conglin and Tian Jing.

Her things were simple—just a backpack with a laptop, charger, headphones, blindfold, and a few small items.

Qiao Nian packed her things almost effortlessly.

She was in no hurry to leave. Instead, she pulled out the swivel chair in the living room and sat at the bar, waiting for Liang Conglin and the others to inform her.

She could reply to the messages on her cell phone in the meantime.

Qin Si and the others woke up early.

Qin Si sent her a message at 7:30 AM, asking if she wanted to eat breakfast.

Qiao Nian checked the time. It was 2:33 PM.

She lowered her eyes and returned to WeChat. She decided not to reply to him.

Other than Qin Si, Gu San and Luo Qing did not send any messages.

Qiao Nian scrolled through WeChat. There were many messages.

Seven or eight of them.

Other than Qin Si, Liang Bowen, people from Class A, and Ye Wangchuan also sent her messages.

The man’s profile picture was very simple. It was black, an endless darkness. It looked like he didn’t have a profile picture, but when she clicked on it, she could see that there was actually a little starlight in the darkness.

Very little.

It wasn’t obvious, but it did exist.

It was like a speck of light in the night. It was similar to the white profile picture she had casually found online.

Her long fingers rested on her cell phone as she casually opened the chat box.

Ye Wangchuan clearly knew her schedule better than Qin Si. He only sent a message at noon.

At that time, she had just woken up, but she had slept badly and gone to take a shower. She didn’t check her cell phone. Otherwise, she should have been able to see his message.

Qiao Nian replied to the message and sent him the flight information.

At this moment, she heard a knock on the door, followed by the voices of Liang Conglin and the others.

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