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Chapter 1069: Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t Know Computer Science These Days?

However, she was known as the number one brain surgeon in the country. Even though she looked stern at all times and was a little arrogant and unreasonable, she was still energetic when she walked.

“Professor Liang.”

“Professor, you’re here.”

“Good morning, Professor.”

Liang Lu was a strict person, and the students under her were extremely demanding. Her team members were like mice seeing a cat when they saw her. As long as they saw her, no matter what they were doing, they would immediately stand up straight.

“Yes.” She looked worse today. There appeared to be bruising under her eyelids from lack of sleep, and she had a folder under her arm.

It was data from their experiment.

She handed it out expressionlessly. When it came to Jiang Xianrou, she chose the simplest item and handed it over. Compared to the others, her attitude towards Jiang Xianrou was clearly kinder. “Xianrou, just hand this organized data to me next semester.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xianrou took the folder from her hand and looked at it. It was just some data collection. It could basically be solved in two to three days.

Liang Lu nodded in satisfaction. Then, with a straight face, she handed the rest to the others. When the work was distributed, she clapped her hands and called her team members over. “Okay, let’s get to work. The sooner we summarize the data, the sooner we can publish it in the journal. You can also have another honor on your resume before you graduate.


“The rest of you can disperse!”

After saying that, she turned around and said gently to the girl standing at the side, who did not care about this, “Xianrou, stay for a while.”

The team members under her were already used to her differential treatment. They had no choice. After all, she had a powerful background and was a rich second-generation heir. The rest were just students from ordinary families.

Everyone scattered.

Only Jiang Xianrou stayed behind. She raised her beautiful eyes slightly and looked at Liang Lu, who had walked behind the test table. She asked softly, “Professor, you’re looking for me?”

After Liang Lu and the others had left, she nodded slowly and sat on a stool. She supported her head with one arm on the table. It was obvious that she had a headache. She thought for a while before asking, “Do you know if Qiao Nian knows how to do computing?”

Yesterday, Tian Jing called her to criticize her. She had mentioned that Qiao Nian knew someone from the IT industry. However, Tian Jing was vague and didn’t make it clear who Qiao Nian knew. Then, she had inexplicably hung up on her.

After hanging up, she tried to call Tian Jing again, but the latter refused to answer her call.

Liang Lu had not slept well all night because of this. Her mind was filled with this matter. She hadn’t been able to get up when the alarm clock she had set in the morning rang, causing her to be a full hour and a half late.

She knew about Jiang Xianrou’s relationship with Qiao Nian. She was considered half a relative. After thinking about it, she thought of asking her if she knew about this.


Jiang Xianrou’s reaction was very strange. Her beautiful eyes looked at her in confusion. She frowned slightly and asked, perplexed, “Computing? Professor, what do you mean?”

What did she mean by knowing computing?

Who didn’t know anything about computing these days?

Even if Qiao Nian came from Rao City, which was inferior to Beijing, it was still a third-tier city. There were even internet cafes in the countryside now. Who wouldn’t have some knowledge about it?

Silence ensued for some time.

Liang Lu could tell from her reaction that she might not know. Her headache grew. After a moment of silence, she changed the topic. “It’s nothing. I was just asking. By the way, do you have time for the opening ceremony I told you about?”

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