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Chapter 1066: Beg Qiao Nian? No Way

He had just started when the girl’s clear eyes looked at him. Her gaze landed on him like a blade on his back.

“Did the research team of Qing University steal your results?”

“Well…” The other party’s tone was calm, but Qi Rongguang couldn’t understand what she meant.

Qiao Nian answered, “In other words, they didn’t steal your results.”

She raised her thin eyelids. The shape of her eyes was beautiful, and the corners of her eyes were slightly raised. She looked a little sly even though she was leaning against the door handle.

Her aura was quite arrogant.

She didn’t even try to restrain herself.

Her dark eyes were extremely deep as she looked at the middle-aged man standing in front of her. “So why did you come to talk to me?”

These three short sentences blocked all the content that Qi Rongguang had thought of.

This was the first time he had encountered such a troublesome situation. He subconsciously frowned, but his voice was gentle. He seemed to be a very good-tempered person.


“No, it’s like this. Mr. Slim Waist Control of the Red Alliance said that he would help us in this matter and fight for our group’s rights and interests. You should know it very well. Chip technology has always been a difficult problem in the industry. Under normal circumstances, how could a school’s research team break through the current problem on the chip technology and successfully come up with a microchip similar to our company’s?”

At this point, his speech became a little smoother and he became more confident. His back, which had been slightly curved, straightened slightly, and one could vaguely see his tough style of doing things outside.

“Besides, China has never had this technology before. It’s hard for me not to suspect that there’s a possibility of academic theft when they suddenly produced the same chip as our group…”

After saying what he wanted to say, Qi Rongguang changed back to a gentle and elegant expression. His attitude became respectful again, and his tone was mild.

“Our relationship with the Red Alliance has always been good. My daughter is also about to join the Red Alliance. The two teams were originally a family…”

Hearing him mention her, Qi Lanyin bit her red lips. For a moment, her beautiful eyes could not accept that the person living in Room 3306 was actually Qiao Nian.

The corners of her lips twitched. According to what her father had told her before, she should step forward and communicate with the other party at this time, and try to play on their previous interactions.

But at this moment… Qi Lanyin looked at the girl’s bright and eye-catching face. Her throat was stuffed with cotton, and she could not say a word.

Was she supposed to beg Qiao Nian? No way.

She couldn’t do it!

It was already good enough that she didn’t fight with Qiao Nian. How could she beg her?

Qi Rongguang threw her a few hints, but Qi Lanyin stood there like a wooden stake as if she didn’t see his hints at all.

Qi Rongguang was so angry that his blood rushed to his head. His face turned pale as he tried his best to hold it in. It wasn’t good for him to flare up in front of Qiao Nian. He could only retract his gaze and take a deep breath. He continued his one-man show. “Mr. John from the Council called me and said that the Red Alliance has contacted them and asked them to get the so-called evidence from the Qing University scientific research team. Do you think there’s a mistake?”

Qi Rongguang observed the girl’s subtle changes in expression as he spoke, hoping to see something from it.

Initially, he thought that the person who opened the door would be a mature middle-aged man or even an old man.

In the end, it was a girl about the same age as his daughter.

Judging from her age, she might still be studying.

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