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Chapter 1067: Did Slim Waist Control Tell You That the Red Alliance Won’t Take in Qi Lanyin?

He couldn’t tell if the other party was the legendary boss behind the Red Alliance, Sun.

After all, he had received very little information. He had spent a lot of money and found out that Sun had come to the illegal district.

In addition, Slim Waist Control had been to Room 3306.

According to normal logic, the person living in Room 3306 would be Sun. However, the other party’s age, gender, and appearance were greatly different from what he had imagined. He was unable to determine the identity of the girl in front of him, but from her brief responses, he could tell that she was indeed related to the Red Alliance…

If she was related to the Red Alliance, then it was someone they couldn’t afford to offend.

“The Red Alliance…”

He was about to say something else.

Qiao Nian changed her posture. She was getting impatient. Before he could say anything, she interrupted him. “There’s nothing wrong. I asked them to come and get the information.”

Qi Rongguang couldn’t calm down for a moment. His head heated up, and the hypocritical face that he had painstakingly put on almost tore apart. “Why? Mr. Slim Waist Control of the Red Alliance…”

“You said that the Qing University team stole from you guys. You can also show evidence to prove it.”


Qiao Nian Looked at him with her dark eyes. Qi Rongguang was instantly speechless. “As for what Slim Waist Control promised you, go find him.”

Qi Rongguang was speechless.

Slim Waist Control had never promised them anything. He just thought that with Slim Waist Control around, Qi Lanyin could successfully enter the Red Alliance.

So he was bluffing about this.

In the beginning, after showing off enough, he did not give the IT Association any face. He went against them in all sorts of ways. It could be said that he had offended everyone.

He had already offended everyone. At this moment, Slim Waist Control suddenly did not stand on their side… Qi Rongguang was now suffering in silence.

“Also.” Qiao Nian raised her eyes and placed her legs on the wall. Her posture looked very casual, yet a little wild. She nodded slightly and looked at the two of them. In a casual tone, she said, “Didn’t Slim Waist Control tell you that the Red Alliance isn’t taking Qi Lanyin in?”

Qi Lanyin’s face turned pale.

Qi Rongguang was also stunned.

They had already discussed this matter very well. How could they not accept her just like that!

“I thought the Red Alliance felt that Lanyin was pretty talented with IT…” He was a little anxious, and his voice rose.

Qiao Nian lowered her eyes. She didn’t avoid his question and said directly, “There are many people very talented in computing. The Red Alliance accepts people not only based on talent but also on character. There’s nothing wrong with her talent, but her character is bad!

“The Red Alliance isn’t short of people who like to step all over their peers to make their presence felt in the media and social platforms.”

Those last words.

Qi Lanyin’s face was hot and painful. She blushed a bright red.

She understood very well even if her father didn’t. Qiao Nian was clearly telling her that the Red Alliance didn’t accept her because she had previously insulted Chinese Medicine in the media and on Instagram.

When she was interviewed in the past, she had never thought that one day, she would suffer for looking down on Chinese Medicine.

But this time she fell really hard!

Qiao Nian only said a few words to Qi Rongguang before entering.

Qin Si was already impatient.

There were several times he wanted to go out and see what they were saying.

Seeing that Qiao Nian had returned, he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He was the first to ask, “Sister Qiao, why is the Qi family looking for you?”

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