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Chapter 1065: Sister Nian: Why Does Everyone Have to Expose Her Identity?!

Luo Qing and Chen Zhu were also quite curious.

Gu San saw that they were all looking at him. He kept silent for a few seconds before revealing a name.

The living room went quiet for two seconds.

Initially, Qin Si had only straightened his back slightly. Now, he sat up fully upright with a stunned expression. His voice was a little distorted. “Who? You mean Qi Rongguang? The one from Hengfeng Corporation?”

“It’s probably that Qi Rongguang,” Gu San looked at him and answered seriously.

Luo Qing was speechless.

Chen Zhu as well.

Qin Si was no different.

Gu San thought of a small detail at this moment and said quietly, “I think Qi Rongguang’s attitude towards Miss Qiao is very respectful. It seems that he has something to ask of Miss Qiao. In addition, he mentioned something.”

“What?” Qin Si felt that he could calm down now.


“Red Alliance’s Slim…”


Luo Qing and Chen Zhu felt lost when they heard that. Chen Zhu raised his head and said strangely, “Red Alliance’s Slim…? What do you mean?”

Qin Si, who was calm just a moment ago, wanted to slap himself. He stood up suddenly and was unable to control his emotions. He spouted, “F*ck! Could Qi Rongguang be talking about Red Alliance’s Slim Waist Control?”

“Sister Qiao knows Slim Waist Control??”

He felt that he had figured out many things.

He turned his head and looked at the calm man on the couch who was still spinning the orange. He almost cursed. Looking at Master Wang’s attitude, it was obvious that he had long known about this.

He didn’t dare to scold him openly. He cursed in his heart, but he could barely suppress his agitation. He looked toward the man to confirm his guess. “Master Wang, the friend that Sister Qiao told us about just now… the one who gave her the invitation couldn’t be the Red Alliance’s Slim Waist Control, right?”

This was an exclusive banquet.

Not many people could attend it.

Qiao Nian was a freshman who had just finished her college entrance examination. She didn’t apply for any major related to it. Why would she have an invitation?

Even Liang Conglin and the others did not receive an invitation.

However, Qiao Nian had an invitation.

“Sister Qiao’s friend is Slim Waist Control. In other words, she knows someone from the Red Alliance.” After Qin Si thought it through, his mind raced and his heart was beating so fast that it was about to jump out of his throat. He couldn’t hold back his excitement and came to the final conclusion. “In other words, Sister Qiao might know Sun?!”

His idol!

After Sun accepted the order last time, he unilaterally announced that Sun had become his personal idol.

Qiao Nian actually knew Sun.

Qin Si felt that he had sublimated.

Hearing his final conclusion, the orange in Ye Wangchuan’s hand was almost crushed. He threw it back into the basket and raised his eyes to look at the agitated someone. His thin lips pursed as he said harshly, “Silly!”

The way he scolded him was exactly the same as how he chided Ye Qichen!

Qin Si rubbed his head in confusion. “Why are you scolding me? Did I guess wrongly?”

He smacked his lips again and looked away. “I’ll ask her when Sister Qiao comes back.”

Outside the corridor, the girl leaned against the door with a casual attitude. She didn’t look at the two of them and instead asked directly, “Speak, why are you looking for me?”

Qi Rongguang never expected the person living in Room 3306 to be so young.

And she was a girl.

The other party was no older than 20 and should have just entered university.

Unable to figure out the other party’s identity, he said cautiously, “It’s like this. The research on the chip…”

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