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Chapter 1064: Sister Qiao Knows Quite a Few People

Gu San’s hand was on his cell phone, waiting for Qiao Nian to call him at any moment. Hearing this, he looked up. “She went out.”

“She went out?” Qin Si dropped his sloppy act as he sat up straight. He was as worried as Gu San. “Where did she go? Alone? Who was looking for her just now? It doesn’t sound like Principal Liang and the others.”

“No…” Gu San shook his head and said in a flat voice, “Miss Qiao is in the corridor just outside the door. She said she would be back later.”

Ye Wangchuan was sitting at a tricky angle. The few of them did not see the person who came looking for them, but he did.

Qi Rongguang and Qi Lanyin.

He fiddled with the edge of the cup Gu San had brought over to make tea. His slender fingers knocked on the porcelain with a crisp sound. He lowered his eyes, and his eyelashes were dark and long. His eyes were hidden, making it impossible to read his thoughts.

Qiao Nian had said that she had come with Liang Conglin and the others for the chip matter. Her goal was to pick someone up.

It was obvious who she was picking up.

He had been busy recently and had not paid attention to the Jiang family’s movements. With such a huge incident happening to Jiang Zongjin, the Jiang family had covered it up tightly. There was no news about it at all in Beijing.

It was obvious that Old Master Jiang didn’t want Qiao Nian to know. He had originally planned to think of a way to resolve it himself.


Jiang Li hadn’t gone to Liangjiang City to film ever since he left Qiao Nian’s school promotion banquet. Instead, he had come to the illegal district alone to settle the matter.

He probably couldn’t resolve it for various reasons.

He didn’t know how Qiao Nian found out that something was wrong. She found out about this matter and found Liang Conglin, following him to the illegal district.

And Jiang Zongjin’s matter this time happened to be related to Hengfeng Corporation.

Legend had it that the Red Alliance had taken a liking to the daughter of the Hengfeng Corporation and planned to recruit her into the organization. Hengfeng Corporation must have relied on the Red Alliance’s status in IT to pressure the Council.

However, the situation was reversed the moment Qiao Nian arrived.

The Red Alliance would definitely not back Hengfeng Corporation again. How could an old fox like Qi Rongguang be willing to give up? He would definitely use his connections to find Room 3306.

He didn’t drink tea. After playing with the teacup for a while, he placed the cup on the table and rested his hand on his leg. A strong wrist could be seen under his sleeve. His skin was also very fair. Though not as fair as Qiao Nian’s, among ordinary people, he could be considered fair. With the prayer beads on his wrist, he looked somewhat ascetic. However, they would be fools if anyone believed that he was a vegetarian and a Buddhist.

Ye Wangchuan smiled evilly.

He bent down and picked up an orange from the table. He spun it in his palm, looking extremely bored.

Qi Rongguang had come to Qiao Nian to suppress the research team of Qing University. It seemed that his wishful thinking was destined to fail…

However, Hengfeng Corporation…

He spun the orange in his hand and paused for a moment. Some time ago, Ye Lan had told him that Hengfeng Corporation had found many people to pull strings to enter the Chinese market.

Basically, it was already a certainty that Hengfeng Corporation would enter the Chinese market.

But… from today onwards, there was a high chance that it would not succeed.

His future father-in-law was not someone a small overseas force could bully!

Qin Si saw him sitting there playing with teacups and fruits, not caring about Sister Qiao at all. Frustrated, he asked Gu San, “By the way, you haven’t said who was knocking on the door looking for Sister Qiao.

“It’s Sister Qiao’s first time here. Who does she know?”

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