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Chapter 1063: Is It Convenient to Talk to You Alone?

This was not the outcome he wanted to see after investing so much manpower, resources, and funding.

Qi Rongguang made a judgment in a short time and immediately suggested, “Miss Qiao, if it’s convenient, can I talk to you alone?”

Gu San had always heard that the Qi family was used to being arrogant and despotic outside. No one liked them.

This was the first time he had seen Qi Rongguang speak to someone so humbly. From his attitude, he seemed to be quite afraid of Miss Qiao.

He turned his head and looked at the girl beside him in shock. He couldn’t tell what was going on.

Miss Qiao stayed in Rao City before the college entrance examination.

She only moved to Beijing after the college entrance examination ended.

She had only been in Beijing for a few months, how could she have come into contact with the Qi family?

As far as he knew, Hengfeng Corporation mainly focused on the IT industry. Miss Qiao studied Chinese Medicine and minored in music. Even if she was good at computer programming, it had nothing to do with the IT world, let alone with such a big company in the industry. What exactly did Qi Rongguang want from Miss Qiao? Why did he have to lower his attitude so much, as if he was afraid that Miss Qiao wouldn’t give him a chance?

He was afraid that something fishy was going on. He instinctively frowned and stood in front of Qiao Nian when Qi Rongguang said that he wanted to talk to her alone. “We can talk here. There’s no need to go out, right?”


The chip matter was quite a serious issue, and it involved billions of yuan in business profits. Qi Rongguang didn’t notice who else was in the hotel room.

He glanced over and was sure that many people were inside.

It wasn’t his style to conduct business in front of so many people.

“Red Alliance’s Slim…” He wanted to bring up Slim Waist Control.

Qiao Nian pushed past the man in front of her and said to Gu San calmly, “I’ll be talking to him outside. I’ll be back soon.”

“Miss Qiao?” Gu San was puzzled.

“I’ll be right outside the door, having a word with him in the corridor.”

Qiao Nian was afraid that if she continued chatting here, Qi Rongguang would reveal everything about Slim Waist Control and the Red Alliance. She had her hands in her pockets, and her eyes were cold. Her face was well-defined, and, unlike ordinary girls, her facial features were smooth and heroic. From a certain angle, she looked valiant and clean.

Since she had already said so much, no matter how concerned Gu San was, he could only say worriedly, “Then… alright.”

He immediately continued, “Miss Qiao, call me if you need anything.”


The corridors of Jin Chen Hotel were filled with surveillance cameras. Security guards watched them 24/7 and would not allow anything to happen in the hotel.

Furthermore, anyone with a brain knew that the power behind the hotel was Tian Chen. This person could be said to be the number one existence in the illegal district.

Unless one was stupid, they wouldn’t dare to behave atrociously in Tian Chen’s territory.

Hengfeng Corporation was one of the top 500 companies overseas, but it wasn’t even a fart in the illegal district. Too many rich and powerful people resided here.

A truly brilliant person wouldn’t put themselves on the so-called wealth rankings for others to see.

Qiao Nian had never taken Hengfeng Corporation and the Qi family seriously!

The door closed with a click.

Gu San returned from the door in disappointment. He was quite worried and walked back to the living room uneasily.

He had just opened the door a crack, and with his 1.8-meter height blocking the door, Qin Si and the others only saw someone talking at the door and not the person who spoke.

Now that he came back alone, Qin Si placed his legs on the coffee table and asked in confusion, “Why are you alone? Where’s Sister Qiao?”

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