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Chapter 1012: What Is Qiao Chen? Qiao Nian Is the Real Treasure

“I couldn’t be sure in the past, but now I’m basically sure. Cheng Feng Corporation has a deep relationship with Nian Nian. It can be said that Nian Nian’s attitude represents Cheng Feng Corporation’s attitude.” Qiao Weimin did not say anything else. Sometimes, he even felt that Yuan Yongqin still had to listen to Qiao Nian.

Shen Jingyan was stunned. He couldn’t recover from Qiao Weimin’s words for a long time.

Qiao Nian had the entire Cheng Feng Corporation behind her.

Or was she one of the important figures in Cheng Feng Corporation?


After almost figuring this out, Shen Jingyan already regretted his choice to protect Qiao Chen a few hours ago.

If he had not stood on her side and criticized Qiao Nian immediately, she wouldn’t have broken ties with him.

Now, his relationship with Qiao Nian had reached a point where it was impossible to recover it. Only now did he know the true relationship between Qiao Nian and Cheng Feng Corporation!

Cheng Feng Corporation’s development was strong. Ever since Yuan Yongqin returned to Beijing, she had been a hot rising star in the industry.

Even the Yuan family had to bow down to her. It was obvious how wealthy Cheng Feng Corporation was.

If he could rope in Cheng Feng Corporation, the Shen family would definitely be able to go up another level.

The opportunity was in front of him. It had been so long, but he had ruined it time and time again, turning it into a situation that could not be salvaged.

Shen Jingyan’s heart was bleeding, but he couldn’t show it in front of Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi. He forced himself to stay calm, his face turning pale. He finally understood the ambiguous smile Ye Wangchuan had given him before he left. He hoped that he would not regret it.

What was Qiao Chen?

Qiao Nian was the true treasure of the Qiao family!

The Qiao family was stupid. They thought that Qiao Nian was no longer useful and personally told her the secret of her identity to chase her out.

He thought he was smart, but he had chosen the wrong person.

Shen Jingyan had not recovered from the frustration when his phone in his pocket rang. In order to hide the disappointment and regret in his heart, he quickly took out his phone and lowered his head. He was originally distracted and only casually glanced at the message.

Suddenly, his hand slipped.

The phone fell to the ground, the screen shattering.

Wei Ling was shocked. She quickly held his arm and said anxiously, “Jingyan, what’s wrong? What happened?”

Shen Jingyan wasn’t Qiao Weimin. He had always been able to maintain his composure.

This time, his face was pale. He turned his head mechanically to look at Wei Ling. His eyes were confused, but his tone was empty. “My promotion opportunity has been replaced.”

Wei Ling was speechless.

Shen Jingyan had been in this position for five years. According to the normal process, he should be promoted one level higher.

If he could take another step forward at his age, the future would be limitless.

However, something went wrong at the critical step.

Wei Ling didn’t catch her breath. Her heart was beating fast, and her expression was not any better than Shen Jingyan’s. She frowned and asked, “Who replaced you?”

Shen Jingyan clenched his fists. He already had a plan in mind. His back was tense as he broke out in a cold sweat. At this moment, he was already filled with regret. “The Qin family.”

The Qin family.

It was better to say that they were from the Ye family.

Qin Chulang rose two levels in a row and passed him to take his promotion seat.

In order to move forward, he had worked hard for the past few years. With Wei Ling as his backing, it was already certain that he would get that position!

Five years of hard work.

A single mistake ruined it!

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