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Chapter 1011: Cheng Feng Corporation Giving Them Face Because of Qiao Nian

Under such circumstances, if Cheng Feng Corporation wanted to look for them to ask for 30 million in compensation, it would undoubtedly be adding insult to injury and could destroy the entire Qiao family!

“How could this be?” No matter how stupid Shen Qiongzhi was, she understood that they couldn’t come up with this sum of money. If they did, the Qiao family would basically be finished.

She had just been through Qiao Chen’s car accident, and Qiao Chen’s dominant hand was ruined. She couldn’t play the piano anymore and had also lost the chance to study abroad.

At this moment, Qiao Weimin had given her an even heavier blow. For a moment, she almost lost her balance. Her legs softened and she almost sat on the ground.

Fortunately, she was quick enough to support herself against the wall beside her. Even so, her face was pale.

Without money, what would Chen Chen’s future be?

Shen Jingyan and Wei Ling also heard their words.

Shen Jingyan put out the cigarette in his hand, walked over, and asked his brother-in-law, “What’s going on? Why did Cheng Feng Corporation suddenly ask you for money?”

Qiao Weimin did not hide anything from him and answered straightforwardly, “Chairman Yuan’s secretary said that we have offended someone.”

“Offended someone?” Shen Jingyan thought of Shen Qiongzhi’s words just now and frowned. He stared at her intently. “You mean Nian Nian?”

“Mm, I think so.”

“What’s Nian Nian’s relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation’s Yuan Yongqin? Didn’t she only know her because you guys have a good relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation? Why did Yuan Yongqin end things with you guys again and maintain a good relationship with her?”

Not only did Shen Jingyan not understand Qiao Nian’s relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation, but even Wei Ling also did not understand the mystery here.

Just like Shen Jingyan, she thought that Qiao Nian knew Yuan Yongqin through her relationship with the Qiao family. Later on, for some reason, the Qiao family offended Yuan Yongqin. Cheng Feng Corporation fell out with the Qiao family, but they had a good impression of Qiao Nian, so they continued backing her.

But if this was the case, it was still Qiao Nian who used the Qiao family to get to know Yuan Yongqin.

Someone of Yuan Yongqin’s level would definitely be able to figure it out.

Wei Ling also asked, “That’s right, Weimin. What’s going on between Qiao Nian and Cheng Feng Corporation? Why is Yuan Yongqin protecting her all the time?”

At this point, Qiao Weimin had nothing to lie to them about. He sighed and said with a bleak expression, “I’m not sure about Nian Nian’s relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation, but there’s one thing. If I’m not wrong, the reason why Cheng Feng Corporation cooperated with us in the first place, should be because of Nian Nian.”

Shen Jingyan suspected that he had heard wrongly. “You said that the cooperation between Cheng Feng Corporation and the Qiao family has something to do with Nian Nian.

“How is that possible?” He frowned in disbelief. “The Qiao Corporation and Cheng Feng Corporation started cooperating five years ago. How old was she five years ago? 13 years old, or 14 years old? Would Yuan Yongqin cooperate with your firm for a teenage girl?”

“Isn’t it incredible?” Qiao Weimin smiled bitterly and looked into his eyes. “The truth is so incredible! I didn’t believe it at first, but after Nian Nian left the Qiao family and fell out with us, Cheng Feng Corporation’s attitude also changed for the worse. The day we fell out with Nian Nian, the big boss of Cheng Feng Corporation told me that she hoped that I wouldn’t regret it in the future.”

Shen Jingyan was speechless.

Wei Ling was no different.

Ye Wangchuan had also told them this before he left the ward. He hoped that they would not regret their choice today.

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