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Chapter 1013: Lost the Watermelon After Picking Sesame

Shen Jingyan recalled the cold and interesting smile on the young man’s lips before he left and finally understood what he meant.

Qiao Nian wasn’t just the Qiao family’s tool to climb up the ladder.

It was still his, Shen Jingyan’s, ladder!

He had stood on the wrong side and let the Qin family benefit for nothing.

After eating the hotpot.

The sun had not set at five or six in the afternoon in August. As soon as she came out of the hotpot restaurant, Qiao Nian lowered the brim of her cap, her eyes quite dry.

Just then, her phone rang.

Qiao Nian took out her phone and saw that it was a message from Ye Lan. She thanked her for the gift and asked if she had eaten and if she wanted to eat at the old residence.

Qiao Nian looked at the message. With her hand in her pocket, she looked up and opened her eyes. For some reason, she looked at the man who walked out with the car key.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Wangchuan acutely captured the girl’s gaze. His thin lips curled up, and his voice was quite deep and a little seductive.

Qiao Nian put away her phone silently and placed her hand on the back of her head casually. “Nothing. Auntie Ye sent a message asking if I’m going to the old residence for dinner tonight.”

“Are you going?” Ye Wangchuan only raised his eyebrows.

Qiao Nian replied straightforwardly, “No. I already ate, I can’t eat anymore.”

Ye Wangchuan’s thin lips curled up. He was in a good mood. He patted the girl’s head gently and looked at her dotingly. “Fine, you won’t go. I’ll tell her.

“Where are we going, then?”

Qiao Nian lowered her eyes as if in thought. “…”

Qin Si had already walked out. Hearing this, he immediately interrupted and came over with a smile. “Sister Qiao, let’s play games. I’ll save up and ask a few people out. We’ll form a team of five to battle each other. Are you joining?”

Qiao Nian was beautiful and skilled. He had played games with her a few times and always relied on her very comfortably. It felt so good to win in her team.

Zhang Yang also urged, “That’s right, Miss Qiao. If you’re fine, Lan Pavilion is not far from here. Let’s get a private room and get a few people to play games with us. Anyway, it’s fine. We can relax by playing games.”

Ye Wangchuan held the car key in his hand and did not react to their suggestion. Instead, he asked Qiao Nian, “Are you going?”

Qiao Nian did not have any plans for the night. It was mainly because she was not in a good mood today and did not want to go back. She thought about it and said, “OK. I’m free, anyway.”

“Then let’s go.” Ye Wangchuan only asked for her agreement. When Qiao Nian said that she wanted to go, he immediately looked up slightly. He was lazy and noble as he said to Zhang Yang, “Tell them to prepare a cup of flower tea. I just had hot pot. I want some tea to cleanse my palette.”

Zhang Yang was a little emotional.

In Beijing, everyone flattered and curried favor with this master, but in the end, this master was the complete opposite in front of Miss Qiao.

Wasn’t this spoiling her to the core?

He was a smart person. Even if he was feeling emotional, he did not bat an eyelid and reacted quickly. He picked up his phone and walked to the side, not forgetting to say, “Right away, Master Wang.”

Qin Si was also very excited. He immediately took out his phone. “I’ll call a few people in the group.”

The group he was talking about was the group they usually played in. Jiang Xianrou was also in the group, but Qin Si did not care. He directly sent a group message in the group to @ everyone.

[Half an hour later, at Lan Pavilion. Me, Master Wang, and a sister of Master Wang are also going to be there. Now, we’re short of a few people. Who’s coming?]

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