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Chapter 1005: An ‘Ordinary’ Elder!

Not only was she good at studying, but she was also lucky. She got to know a few friends there and even got out of the training ground.

“…Raise a mastiff?” Gu San opened his mouth in shock. He had always thought that he was knowledgeable and had seen all of Beijing’s dark sides. It was only when he heard Qiao Nian’s method of raising a mastiff that he suddenly realized that he knew too little.

Qiao Nian did not continue. It was all in the past. If Qiao Chen hadn’t posted on the school’s forum, she would have forgotten about it.

Ye Wangchuan pursed his lips into a straight line.

The Qiao family deserved to die!

Lan Pavilion.

Yuan Yongqin had just finished her work and did not have time to rest. Su Mo sent her a cup of coffee. She took a sip and asked, “Why don’t I see Nian Nian?”

Su Mo was also busy with the show. Before he could pay attention to the news on the Internet, the topic had been reduced in popularity by Ye Wangchuan.

Hearing this, he frowned and thought for a moment before saying uncertainly, “Miss Qiao seems to have left midway. Perhaps something happened.”

“Oh.” Yuan Yongqin was long used to Qiao Nian’s usual elusiveness. She was already very surprised that she came to watch the show this time. She didn’t think too much about it and lowered her head to take another sip of coffee. Then, she casually picked up the cell phone in her bag, turned it on, and took a look.

A new message came in.

She did not care much at first.

After all, she had just finished work and was very tired. She needed to rest.

However, when Yuan Yongqin saw that it was Qiao Nian who had sent her the message, she straightened up, put down the coffee cup in her hand, and opened the message.

The girl’s WeChat profile picture was as simple as usual.

[QN: Aunt Yuan, I have an elder who is a fan of SEVEN. Do you still have any stocks for the new series? If you do, help me send her a few.]

“Nian Nian sent me a message saying that she has an elder who likes SEVEN. Did you see who she came with today?” When Yuan Yongqin went on stage to speak, she only noticed Qiao Nian and did not notice the person beside her. When she saw the message, she turned around and asked in surprise.

Su Mo’s expression suddenly became interesting. He didn’t know how to answer for a long time.

An elder.

She was indeed an ‘ordinary’ elder.

“You didn’t see who it was?” Seeing that he didn’t answer her for a long time, Yuan Yongqin thought that he was as oblivious as she was. She looked a little distressed and held her temple with her hand. “She only told me that the elder is a fan of SEVEN. Do you think I should call her and ask?”

“Chairman Yuan!” Seeing that she really wanted to call to ask, Su Mo hurriedly stopped her. He looked at Yuan Yongqin’s puzzled gaze with a complicated expression and stuttered, “If I’m not wrong, the elder Miss Qiao is talking about should be… Miss Ye.”

As long as the surname Ye was mentioned in Beijing, there could only be one family.

Naturally, Ye Lan was the only person called Miss Ye!

Yuan Yongqin had only seen Ye Lan once and had never interacted much with her. When she heard Su Mo say that Qiao Nian’s ‘elder’ was Ye Lan, she was shocked for a moment. However, when she thought of the person who was very close to Qiao Nian, she quickly figured out the reason.

Ye Wangchuan.

Wasn’t that Master Wang interested in Nian Nian?

She thought for a moment and instructed, “Since Nian Nian wants to send some gifts to her, then send a few good ones. I’ll pick them when we go back. Send them to Miss Ye.”

Hearing that, Su Mo knew that she was going to help Miss Qiao out. He nodded and prepared to do it.

“Um. Don’t worry, Chairman Yuan.”

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