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Chapter 1006: Sister Nian Has Always Been Generous

As soon as Ye Wangchuan hung up on Ye Lan, she received a gift from Su Mo.

There were more than ten boxes on the mahogany desk. Ye Lan’s assistant was stunned as she watched Ye Lan open the boxes.

SEVEN’s limited edition bracelet.

SEVEN’s limited edition ring.


They were all limited edition SEVEN items. Each item was worth at least a seven-figure sum.

A dozen or so was worth an eight-figure sum.

The assistant was someone with much exposure over the years, so an eight-figure sum was not mindblowing. But still, it was not a small sum either.

In the beginning, she could still talk about it. “Chairman Ye, why did Cheng Feng Corporation suddenly give you such valuable gifts? Do they want to have a partnership with us?”

However, Cheng Feng Corporation was in the jewelry and real estate business. They were in the new energy business.

The two companies were not related in any way. There was no way they could talk about a collaboration.

Chairman Yuan of Cheng Feng Corporation was famous for being old-fashioned and domineering. She was a typical career woman. Nobody had ever heard of her currying favor with anyone.

What day was it today?

“Is Chairman Yuan…” The assistant was halfway through his sentence when Ye Lan opened the last gift box.

Unlike other gift boxes, the last gift box was made of velvet. It had a burgundy exterior and was especially beautiful.

Ye Lan opened the box.

The assistant exclaimed, “Heart of the Ocean?!”

Heart of the Ocean.

As the name suggested, it was a pendant cut from a natural blue diamond. The blue diamond itself was already very rare. In addition, this was the design of Cheng Feng Corporation’s chief designer, S. This Heart of the Ocean could be said to be SEVEN’s treasured collection.

And it was one of the most famous works in the early stages of S’s career!

This was worth more than just a seven-figure sum for sure. The raw stones in the pendant were at least worth an eight-figure sum. Coupled with the designer’s reputation, this pendant was worth hundreds of millions of yuan at least.

And this was the price without putting it in an auction.

Such a treasured collection couldn’t be bought with money outside. If they really wanted to sell it, they would probably have to hold an auction.


Ye Lan looked at the dazzling lineup of gifts on the table and was speechless for a long time, especially when she saw the S treasured collection item at the end. She had always wanted to buy it, but she didn’t manage to find out who had it. She stood rooted to the ground and took a few deep breaths.

The Ye family didn’t lack money, and neither did she. However, Qiao Nian’s spending exceeded her imagination.

This was too generous!

She had only casually mentioned it in Lan Pavilion. Her original intention was to gift Qiao Nian a new item designed by S this year, but in the end, it turned out that Qiao Nian was the one giving her the pendant she had wanted for a long time…

“Chairman Ye, what exactly does Cheng Feng Corporation mean by this? Should we send these things back to them?” The assistant was worried that the other party had other intentions by sending so many expensive gifts.

Ye Lan walked to the swivel chair behind the desk, sat down, and picked up the pendant. Her eyes were warm and held a rare gentleness as she called out, “There’s no need.”

“But Chairman Ye, these things are too expensive. Cheng Feng Corporation didn’t say why they sent these over. I’m worried…”

“I know why they gave me these.” Ye Lan was in a good mood. She raised her handsome brows and said proudly, “My nephew’s girlfriend gave them to me.”

The assistant was dumbfounded.

Chairman Ye only had one nephew. It seemed that the prestigious Young Master Ye was still single. Where did President Ye get a ‘niece’ from, then?

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