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Chapter 1004: The Truth Behind the Kidnapping Is…

Gu San wanted to know what was going on online. Seeing Qiao Nian’s indifferent expression, he suddenly did not want to know so much.

“Miss Qiao…” He was about to say, “Miss Qiao, you can keep quiet if you don’t want to talk about it.”

But Qiao Nian had already started speaking calmly. “I was 11 years old when I saw that Qiao Chen was taken away by a stranger on my way home. I followed her worriedly, but who knew that she would be drugged with ether halfway. Later, the kidnappers used the two of us to ask the Qiao family for money—2 million each. At that time, the company had just been established. They didn’t have much liquid capital and only took out 2 million yuan. They specifically asked to redeem Qiao Chen…”

“Damn! Those bastards from the Qiao family!” Gu San was already so angry that he clenched his fists. The veins on his temples bulged as he said angrily, “Since they wanted to save her, why didn’t they save both of you? They only saved one and didn’t care about the other. Is this something a human does?!”

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes were deep. He pursed his lips and did not interrupt the girl like Gu San.

“Because I’m not of the Qiao family’s bloodline. Only Qiao Chen is their true daughter.” Qiao Nian’s tone was very calm as if she had already gotten over it. She was so calm that it was as if she was talking about someone else’s story. “The Qiao family didn’t pay the ransom, so I was sent to the kidnappers’ den. There were many children they kidnapped from all over, and there were also some orphans they adopted. I stayed there forever. A year and a half later, I escaped and returned to Rao City.”

At that time, she still didn’t know that her parents were not her biological parents, nor did she know that she was only Qiao Chen’s blood bag.

Thinking that Qiao Weimin and the others did not have enough money and could only take out two million yuan, they chose the more obedient Qiao Chen.

It was only when she turned 18 that the truth was revealed that Qiao Weimin and the others had chosen Qiao Chen because the so-called family relationship had been a scam from the beginning to the end.

He wanted her blood.

He was just using her.

The reason why they were unwilling to pay the two million yuan was that they felt that a “blood bag” was not worth so much money at all. With this money, they could completely look for a new blood bag, even if she had already lived in the Qiao family for 11 years…

“At that time, the Qiao family had just entered the upper circles of the city. They couldn’t cause a scandal, so Qiao Weimin spent money to find connections to bribe the local media. Very few media outlets reported this.”

Gu San immediately understood why the Qiao family had suppressed the news.

That was because they knew that they were in the wrong!

He knew how wicked his actions would be if word got out, so he spent money to suppress the news! Damn, damn, damn… Gu San’s face turned red. He was furious.

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes were deep. He didn’t speak until Qiao Nian finished speaking. “The kidnapper’s hideout you’re talking about is…”

“It’s a training ground.” Qiao Nian was vague about it. Her cold chin was smooth, and her expression was arrogant and unruly as she said casually, “Have you heard of a method to train dogs in ancient times called raising a mastiff? If a dog gives birth to nine puppies, then they put them into a secret room. They make the nine puppies kill each other, and the one who survives will be a mastiff.”

Of course, those human traffickers did not want everyone to die. They just used the elimination system.

The eliminated children either had their hands and feet broken and were controlled by them to beg or were sold to remote areas or even overseas.

If they wanted to stay, they could only study non-stop.

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