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Chapter 96 - Enemies on a Narrow Road

Once it was time, the Pill Building opened.

The two people, Nie Tian and Liu Yan, took the initiative to step inside. With a glance, there were already two or three disciples of the Ling Bao Court, who were already respectfully waiting inside the building.

“Greetings, Mister Liu. Greetings, Senior Weng.”

The three disciples of the Ling Bao Court recognised Liu Yan and Grandmother Weng. Once they saw them come in, they immediately smiled and greeted them.

Liu Yan nodded his head and asked: “What floor is the Spirit Accumulating Pill on?”

“The third floor.” Someone answered.

Liu Yan didn’t say anything more and took Nie Tian up the stairs with a - deng, deng, deng - sound.

There were five counters set up on the Pill Building’s third floor. Every single counter had a few pills that were stored in delicate cases.

Once Nie Tian arrived on the floor, he didn’t even have enough time to carefully look at his surroundings before he heard a deep shout: “It’s you?”

“Fei Li…” Nie Tian’s expression went cold.

He would never have thought that the Fei Li, who he had seen at An Shiyi’s courtyard last night, would unexpectedly be overseeing the third floor of the Pill Building.

Within the entire third floor, there was only Fei Li and another woman from the Ling Bao Court.

After Liu Yan entered, he wasn’t polite and immediately said: “Fei Li, take out a Spirit Accumulating Pill. My Little Senior Uncle wants to buy it.”

After returning last night, Nie Tian hadn’t spoken to Liu Yan. He had simply found a room and rested.

It was also because of this that Liu Yan didn’t know about the fact that Nie Tian and Fei Li had already met last night.

“The Spirit Accumulating Pill isn’t for sale.” Fei Li coldly said.

“What’s going on?” The female Refining Master on the third floor, who was called Zhang Qin, suspiciously looked at Fei Li and said: “Senior Brother Fei, didn’t your master leave that Spirit Accumulating Pill here to sell it?”

“Correct, but we’re not selling it now.” Fei Li snorted.

Zhang Qin looked at Fei Li and then towards Liu Yan. She seemed to have guessed something. Thus, she didn’t say anything more.

“Fei Li, what are you doing?” Liu Yan spoke with an annoyed tone.

“Not selling means not selling!” Fei Li had no trace of politeness, as he spoke.

Nie Tian’s expression also became extremely ugly.

That Spirit Accumulating Pill could help his grandfather rebuilt his spirit sea and could help solve the problem that his grandfather had had for many years.

Since hearing that the Treasure Viewing Gathering had the Spirit Accumulating Pill, he had already decided that he would be determined to get this Spirit Accumulating Pill.

However, he would never have thought that this Spirit Accumulating Pill… was unexpectedly Gan Kang’s. As the host, Gan Kang truly had the power to stop selling the Spirit Accumulating Pill midway through the Gathering.

If the opposing party wasn’t willing to sell, he would still be powerless even though he had Wu Ji’s command medallion.

“Fei Li, we haven’t had any incidents with each other?” Liu Yan furrowed his brows.

Fei Li didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked at Nie Tian.

Liu Yan was stunned. Soon after, he turned his head around and asked Nie Tian: “When did you have a conflict with him?”

“Yesterday night.” Nie Tian replied.

“Because of that An Ying?” Liu Yan thought for a bit and gradually understood what was going on.

His informational capabilities were rather abundant. Before coming to the Ling Bao Court, he had heard that Fei Li’s master, Gan Kang, had some thoughts about An Shiyi.

Yesterday night, An Ying had hurriedly come over with an anxious expression. Today, Fei Li’s abnormalities had already let him to understand the truth.

“An Shiyi is my recognised nominal sister.” Nie Tian explained.

Zhang Qin, who was inside the room, suddenly understood what had happened after listening to Nie Tian speak.

Liu Yan bitterly laughed, and suddenly, he also had a slight headache.

If not for yesterday night’s event, he believed that Nie Tian could easily obtain the Spirit Accumulating Pill with Wu Ji’s command medallion.

But now…

The Spirit Accumulating Pill belonged to Gan Kang. If the owner wasn’t willing to sell it, then naturally they wouldn’t have the justification to forcefully buy it.

When Liu Yan was hesitating and helpless, Fei Li took out the casing containing the Spirit Accumulating Pill from the counter. He gently stroked the cover of the case, that had flower engravings sculpted on it. He slowly said: “My Master used a Sixth Grade Middle Ranked Spirit Weapon to exchange for this Spirit Accumulating Pill with a cultivator from one of the other eight domains.”

“The Spirit Accumulating Pill can’t be considered as rare in the other eight domains. However, it’s not seen much in our Heaven Leaving Domain.”

“This pill isn’t impossible to buy… You just have to stop meddling in the business of other people.”

As he spoke, he coldly looked at Nie Tian, as if he was waiting for Nie Tian to give up and make a promise.

“Let’s go.” Nie Tian said.

Liu Yan sighed and told Fei Li: “I know what kind of person your master is. However, you should carefully consider this. Is it actually worth it to provoke my Uncle Master just for the sake of a trifling Spirit Accumulation Pill?”

“If I don’t want to sell my thing, could it be that he will still come to the Ling Bao Court to forcefully take it?” Fei Li coldly said.

“Fine.” Liu Yan nodded his head. He didn’t have the desire to try and persuade him. Quickly, he went downstairs with Nie Tian.

“Eeh, you’re leaving so quickly? You didn’t get that Spirit Accumulating Pill?” When they were going down, the Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng curiously asked.

“Nope, they’re not willing to sell it.” Liu Yan bitterly laughed.

Grandmother Weng was stunned, “No way? Just who is selling the Spirit Accumulation Pill? They actually don’t even want to give face to Old Monster Wu?”

Liu Yan shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t explain further and brought Nie Tian out of the Pill Building.

Outside the Pill Building, Liu Yan thought for a bit and said: “Don’t be worried. I’ll try to ask a few friends and see whether they can buy that Spirit Accumulation Pill.”

“Thank you, Uncle Liu.” Nie Tian didn’t hide anything and explained everything that had happened yesterday, “An Shiyi treated me with kindness. If not for the chance that she gave me to enter the Green Illusion Realm, there wouldn’t be the Nie Tian of today.”

“Yup, there’s nothing wrong with repaying kindness.” Liu Yan nodded his head, “The Spirit Accumulation Pill is very rare in our Heaven Leaving Domain. However, it’s not considered as a very rare pill in the other eight domains. Even if we can’t get the Spirit Accumulation Pill this time, there’ll still be chances in the future. After all, you’re the disciple of Uncle Master.”

“Let’s go, forget about this side of the Pill Building. Let’s go stroll around the other places.”

Nie Tian replied: “We can only do this.”

Soon after, he temporarily let go of his intentions to get the Spirit Accumulation Pill and followed Liu Yan to roam about the many Spirit Weapon Buildings in the Ling Bao Court.

Liu Yan knew that he currently only had the cultivation of the Lianqi Realm, so he didn’t bring him to places that sold high grade spirit equipment. Instead, he brought him to places that specialised in selling some low grade spirit equipment.

After walking for a few rounds, Liu Yan saw that Nie Tian was dazzled, but didn’t buy anything at all. Finally, he couldn’t help but ask: “Nie Tian, why aren’t you buying any spirit equipment? Also, I haven’t seen the attribute of your cultivation. Your master should be able to. You…”

Nie Tian rubbed his head and said: “I don’t have one. My master has never brought up the issue of my cultivation attribute. Before I came, he instructed me to simply choose three playthings. He didn’t give me any specific categories.

When Liu Yan heard him speak like that, he felt a big headache, “No category, and no special requests. Just how are you going to simply choose three playthings?”

Like this, he had already brought Nie Tian to walk around three buildings which sold Low Graded spirit equipments. There were shops that sold treasured armors, and some that sold blades. There were also all kinds of playthings which had bizarre properties.

Nie Tian had interest towards every single piece of equipment. He was exhilarated as he looked at them, but he didn’t choose any of them.

He still thought that Nie Tian hadn’t taken a fancy to any of them. However, after hearing what Nie Tian said, he understood that Nie Tian was completely at a loss for what to pick.

“Uncle Liu, you should go choose what you need for yourself. I’ll casually roam around. If I like anything, I’ll buy it.” Nie Tian said.

“Then that’s fine.” Liu Yan nodded.

He also had a task to do when he came over this time. Not only did he have to choose spirit equipment for the subordinate families, he also had to choose suitable spirit equipment for Jiang Lingzhu, Ye Gumo, and the rest.

“With your status, you would hardly have any problems in the Ling Bao Court. If you really have a conflict with someone, you just have to show Uncle Master’s command medallion, and there shouldn’t be any problems.” Liu Yan advised him with a few sentences, before he left Nie Tian to fulfill his own tasks.

After he left, Nie Tian quietly took out the dragon bone and gently stroked it. He muttered to himself: “If I want to choose something, then I want something like this.”

Ever since he had found out that the dragon bone had also come from the Treasure Viewing Gathering, he had been holding expectations in his heart.

He hoped that he would be able to obtain something like the dragon bone at this Treasure Viewing Gathering. Only something like this would give him an unworldly opportunity and cause a change on the level of the heavens and earth flipping.

- Chi chi! -

When he was secretly thinking to himself, a trace of a spark appeared in the inside of the dragon bone, that he was stroking. 

His expression slightly changed, and he used his awareness to pay full attention to it. Unexpectedly, he discovered that the drop of fresh blood within the dragon bone seemed to be gently squirming.


Translator: Stupid Sean
Editor: Slutty Sietse

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