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Fei Li’s expression sank in a flash.

He didn’t look at Nie Tian, rather he coldly looked towards An Shiyi. “He is a junior clansman from your An Family?”

Not waiting for An Shiyi to reply, Fei Li grinned and maliciously laughed. He nodded towards Nie Tian, “You like to scold people, right? Good, very good! I’ll let you know what punishment a disciple from a subordinate clan, who dares to insult me, will suffer!”

Specks of flames suddenly radiated out from Fei Li’s fingertips. A fluctuating burst of blazing spiritual energy surged out from within those flames.

This was the Ling Bao Court’s land, and not only that, but the An Sisters were beside him. Even so, he, who had identified Nie Tian as a clansman from the An Family, actually dared to raise his hand against him without the slightest worry.

“You dare to lay a hand on him?” An Ying shouted out loudly, “Haha, you really aren’t afraid of Old Monster Wu ripping you apart!”

An Shiyi had originally also planned to stop Fei Li, but once she heard An Ying shout out loudly, she suddenly stopped.

After Fei Li, who had beams of scarlet flames shooting out from his fingertips, heard An Ying’s shout, his complexion abruptly changed.

- Chichi! -

Fei Li forcefully channeled those beams of fire back into his body. He inhaled deeply and asked, “You are Nie Tian?”

“I am.” Nie Tian calmly answered.

“What is An Shiyi to you?” Fei Li then asked.

“I acknowledge her as my nominal Elder Sister.” Nie Tian answered again.

Fei Li clearly had a suspicious look in his eyes. He glanced at An Ying and realised that An Ying had an optimistic expression on her face.

It was only a moment, but he already understood and knew that it was An Ying who had called Nie Tian to this place. He also understood the intentions behind Nie Tian’s arrival.

“It’s getting dark already. It’s inconvenient for me to stay here any longer. I’ll take my leave.”

He furrowed his brows and after throwing that sentence out, he didn’t condemn Nie Tian nor did he force An Shiyi to simply give him an answer today again, as he decisively withdrew himself and left.

After he had left, only Nie Tian and the An Family sisters were left in the courtyard.

“Thank you.” An Shiyi softly said.

“From today onwards, you’re my nominal Elder Sister. I’m serious.” Nie Tian was serious about that matter.

An Shiyi’s eyes shone brightly.

An Ying hastily said, “Elder Sister, Nie Tian is Wu Ji’s disciple. As long as you establish a relationship with him, that Old Ghost, Gan Kang, definitely won’t dare to be so impudent!”

Nie Tian honestly said, “Elder Sister An, you gave me a place to head for the Green Illusion Realm trial. Regardless of whatever purpose it stemmed from at that time, I benefited from the Green Illusion Realm trial and I have always thought of your good points. I once said to An Ying that if you were to encounter troubles one day, and I had sufficient strength, I would definitely help you at all costs.”

“Of course, my current strength is still far from sufficient. If not, I wouldn’t have allowed that Fei Li to walk out of this courtyard today!”

“The only thing that I can do for you now is to use my identity to make it so that Old Ghost, Gan Kang, won’t dare to be overly presumptuous towards you.”

Before he came, An Ying had already told him that Fei Li’s Master, Gan Kang, was a Grand Weapon Refining Master from the Ling Bao Court. 

This Lianqi Warrior Sect, called the Ling Bao Court, wasn’t like the Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley, and Black Mist Palace. The internal sectors of this sect were divided into two factions, namely the Spirit Sect and the Treasure Pavilion.

The Spirit Sect attached their importance to the cultivation of Lianqi Warriors. In this department, the Spirit Sect was the same as the Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley, and Black Mist Palace.

The Treasure Pavilion on the other hand, was filled with Weapon Refiners that intensively researched the techniques of weapon refining. They viewed refining weapons as their way of cultivation. Everyone in the Treasure Pavilion was a Weapon Refiner. 

Gan Kang was a high level Weapon Refiner in the Treasure Pavilion. He was also the fifth highest ranked Weapon Refiner in the Treasure Pavilion, who was able to refine High Grade spirit weapons. 

The Treasure Pavilion’s strongest Weapon Refiner was an old friend of his Master, Wu Ji. That person was infatuated with refining weapons and practically never paid attention to sect affairs.

It was also because of that that Gan Kang and three other high level Weapon Refiners were in charge of all of the affairs on the Treasure Pavilion’s end.

The Spirit Sect’s Sect Master was also the Treasure Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. Even though he wielded great authority, he seldom interfered with the Treasure Pavilion’s internal affairs.

Even he had to give those four high level Weapon Refiners face. As long as the things that they did were not too extreme, the Pavilion Master wouldn’t interfere and even turn a blind eye to it.

The Ling Bao Court could be ranked in front of the Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley, and the Black Mist Palace precisely because other than the Spirit Sect, the Ling Bao Court also had a Treasure Pavilion.

Most of the spirit weapons, that the Lianqi Warriors from the four sects used, were refined by the Treasure Pavilion and because of that, the Treasure Pavilion’s position was very special amongst the four sects.

Generally speaking, the Ling Bao Court’s Spirit Sect as well as the other people from the three sects weren’t too willing to offend the Weapon Refiners from the Treasure Pavilion. 

Nie Tian clearly knew Gan Kang’s identity, yet he still dared to undertake the matter and pressure Gan Kang with his own identity because he knew that his Master, Wu Ji, was bosom buddies with the Treasure Pavilion’s strongest Weapon Refiner, Fang Hui. 

Gan Kang was the fifth ranked high level Weapon Refiner in the Treasure Pavilion. If it was anyone else from the Lingyun Sect, perhaps they wouldn’t be too willing to make an enemy out of Gan Kang.

However, Nie Tian wasn’t afraid. 

“Elder Sister, you need such a nominal younger brother!” An Ying said in a low tone. 

“Treating me this way, I’m afraid that I have troubled Nie Tian.” An Shiyi was slightly hesitant. 

Nie Tian chuckled mischievously and said, “I don’t care whether you admit it or not. In any case, from today onwards, as long as I meet people, I’ll say that you’re my nominal Elder Sister!”

Teardrops glistened in An Shiyi’s beautiful eyes for a moment, then she suddenly giggled and laughed. It was as though hundreds of flowers had bloomed and it was beautiful and lovely. “Since you want an Elder Sister so badly, in the future, I’ll be your Elder Sister.”

“Elder Sister.” Nie Tian smiled and exclaimed. 

An Shiyi had a joyous expression on her face as she laughed lightly, nodding her head. “It seems like the most accurate decision that I have made this year, was to go to your Nie Family and send you to the Green Illusion Realm whilst harbouring evil thoughts.”

“In any case, regardless of what your objective was in doing so, I am grateful to you.” Nie Tian smiled and said.

“Thank you.” An Shiyi expressed her thanks extremely seriously. Shortly after, she pursed her lips in a smile and with a wave of her hand, indicated for An Ying to take Nie Tian away. “It‘s late. Tomorrow, you still have to choose spirit weapons together with people from the sect. You cannot stay here with me any longer so as to avoid being the gossip of others.”

“Haha, I’m not afraid.” Nie Tian said.

“You might not be afraid, but I am.” An Shiyi rolled her eyes at him. “You’re no longer a child. My reputation is not too good after having been messed about by those old fellows in the Ling Bao Court. If you stay any longer, I’m not too sure how news about me will spread on the outside.”

“I believe that Elder Sister is clean-living and honest.” Nie Tian sincerely said.

“We’re leaving, we’re leaving!” An Ying was slightly impatient and firmly pulled Nie Tian, taking him outside.

“Nie Tian, my Elder Sister only requires your identity as a nominal Younger Brother. You shouldn’t think too much into it!” An Ying glared at him and warned: “In the future, once my Elder Sister resolves these troublesome matters and wins over the Pavilion Master’s trust once more, I want the both of you to remove your relationship as siblings!”

“Oh, you should tell these matters to your Elder Sister.” Nie Tian laughed in a strange, low voice, before he continued, “Why? Could it be that you’re worried that your Elder Sister will fall in love with me?”

“Utter rubbish!” An Ying was annoyed. “This fellow, who still smells of his mother’s milk! How can my Elder Sister have her eyes on you? I am worried that you’re falsely borrowing the term of being siblings and are like those old bastards, harbouring vile thoughts towards my Elder Sister!”

“Heh, I’m still a child. Isn’t it unsuitable for you to tell me all these things?” Nie Tian teased.

“Give me a break! I have already seen that you’re not a good person when we were in the Green Illusion Realm!” An Ying retorted. She suddenly thought of something and lowered her voice, sneakily asking, “That’s right. Exactly how did you offend that witch, Yu Tong, when you were in the Green Illusion Realm? I heard that after that witch returned to the Blood Sect, she was only able to recover after three month’s time.”

“After that witch’s cultivation and strength recovered, she entrusted the people from the Blood Sect to ask all around for news regarding you.”

“She has already spread the news that she bears hatred as deep as the blood sea towards you and in the future, as long as she sees you, she won’t rest until you die.”

“That witch, Yu Tong, has never hated a person to such an extent before. Exactly what did you do to her? To make her be so angry to the point where she insists on letting matters rest only when she has killed you?

Nie Tian paused for a moment and touched his head, saying, “There wasn’t really anything. Who knows what made that woman go crazy.”

“You must have done something bad!” An Ying said with certainty. 


“You definitely did!”

“I really didn’t!”

“You definitely did!”

The two continued arguing and after awhile, they returned to the stone tower where the Lingyun Sect was at. Before An Ying left, she stopped bickering, and instead said, “Even though you’re a youngster that makes people hate you slightly, you can be considered to be sufficiently loyal and are a man of your word. I thank you on behalf on my Elder Sister for the matter this time.”

Once she had finished speaking, she didn’t wait for Nie Tian to reply and walked off, feeling slightly embarrassed. 


The next day, in the Ling Bao Court’s Pill Building. 

Early in the morning, under Liu Yan’s guidance, Nie Tian stood in front of the Pill Building’s door.

The Ling Bao Court’s Pill Building wasn’t big at all. It was only three stories high and there was also a limited amount of medicine pills stored within it. 

That was because most of the people in the Ling Bao Court’s Treasure Pavilion were Weapon Refiners. There was only one person who knew how to refine pills. 

It was said that many medicine pills in the Pill Building weren’t refined by that Pill Refiner, but rather the Ling Bao Court had exchanged spirit weapons with the other eight domains for the medicine pills.

Medicine pills only occupied a very small portion in the Treasure Viewing Gathering and as such, there weren’t many medicine pills being sold in the Pill Building.

Since medicine pills weren’t regarded as important during the Treasure Viewing Gathering, as long as one had sufficient spirit stones, the medicine pills in the Pill Building could be directly purchased and didn’t need to be auctioned off. 

Nie Tian arrived early in the morning precisely because he wanted to obtain the Spirit Accumulating Pill at the first possible moment, so as to avoid being bested by other people.

While he was waiting for the Pill Building to open, Nie Tian realised that the Black Mist Palace’s Zheng Bin had actually also arrived here with Han Xin as well as that Grandmother Weng. 

“Mister Liu, why is it that you’re also interested in medicine pills this round? Based on what I know, don’t you always choose spirit weapons every time that you come over?” The Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng curiously asked.

She knew that even though the General Assembly of Drawing Lots, that was held every few years by the Lingyun Sect’s subordinate clans, was almost completely hosted by Liu Yan, who practically chose all of the spirit weapons provided during the General Assembly of Drawing Lots from the Ling Bao Court. 

The important affair that Liu Yan had in the Lingyun Sect was to choose some low grade spirit weapons and bestow them upon the subordinate clans. 

“My little Martial Uncle has set his eyes on a Spirit Accumulating Pill. If you guys are also choosing medicine pills, I hope that you guys aren’t rushing over to obtain the Spirit Accumulating Pill.” Liu Yan expressed.

“Little Martial Uncle…”

Grandmother Weng, Zheng Bin, and Han Xi now glanced towards Nie Tian with strange expressions in their eyes.

“Zheng Bin, long time no see.” Nie Tian greeted him.

“Congratulations.” Zheng Bin said.

Grandmother Weng glanced at Nie Tian and said to Liu Yan, “Old Monster Wu’s disciple has taken a fancy to the Spirit Accumulating Pill. Even if I wanted it, I wouldn’t dare to go and fight over it. You can relax.”

“Then I will give my thanks.” Liu Yan laughed and said.


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