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Chapter 97 - Flame Dragon Armor

A stone building within the Ling Bao Court that sold middle and high ranked armors.

There were many delicate treasure armors exhibited within the glass counters. There was a jade tablet in front of every armor. The tablet gave a simple description of the armor’s grade, its special uses, it’s suitable users, and the price of the armor.

Within the building, there were a few Refining Masters from the Ling Bao Court’s Treasure Court, who were currently helping several customers by further explaining the specialties of each armor.

Within one of the counters, there was an armor that was dark-brown in colour, and it seemed broken. There wasn’t any complicated or delicate design on it either.

Behind the counter, there was originally a Refining Master from the Treasure Court. But, because no one was interested in that armor, he had already gone to other counters to peddle some other armors.

At an area not far away from the counter, there was a hemp garment-wearing Lianqi Warrior who had a tall body, who was standing there all alone.

Since he had come in, he had been leaning on an obelisk all alone, occasionally looking at that armor. He had never moved about, and he had never talked to anyone else either. 

“Who is that person? Looking at his tense face, he seems to be unable to choose anything?”

In front of a counter, the Lingyun Sect’s Luo Xin and her Senior Brother Shi Yi were currently having a thick interest towards the same piece of armor. At that moment, they noticed that tall Lianqi Warrior and couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, are you talking about Mister Lai Yi?” The Refining Master, who was selling the armor to Luo Xin, shot a glance at that person. After that, he lowered his voice and said: “Have you noticed? He’s been paying attention to that armor, it’s the one that he’s selling. This Lai Yi doesn’t seem to be a Lianqi Warrior from our Heaven Leaving Domain. He knows our Treasure Court’s Elder Gan Kang. Therefore, he’s trying to use this Treasure Viewing Gathering to sell that piece of armor.”

“Not a Lianqi Warrior from our Heaven Leaving Domain?” Luo Xin was stunned.

That Refining Master from the Treasure Court slightly shook his head and used a disdainful tone to speak: “After appraisal, that ‘Flame Dragon Armor’ of his is only a third grade middle ranked spirit equipment. However, he wants to sell it for nine thousand spirit stones. You guys also know that nine thousand spirit stones are enough to buy a sixth or seventh grade middle ranked spirit equipment. That armor… once someone sees its price, they won’t continue to ask about it.”

“Furthermore, after our Treasure Court’s appraisal master appraised it, he said that, although the Flame Dragon Armor is extremely tough, it’s simply too heavy.”

“If a Xiantian Realm Lianqi Warrior wears that armor, it’ll be quite inconvenient for him to move about. Besides the toughness of that armor, it seems like there’s no other use for it. Added on to the fact that the armor wasn’t refined by our Treasure Court, no one has much of an interest to sell it. That’s the reason…”

“So it’s like that.” Luo Xin softly said.

After hearing this person’s explanation, besides thinking that this Lianqi Warrior called Lai Yi, who wasn’t from the Heaven Leaving Domain, was somewhat strange, she wasn’t interested in the Flame Dragon Armor at all anymore.

At a remote corner, that foreigner Lai Yi still looked at the Flame Dragon Armor from time to time.

- Hu! -

At this moment, a peaceful red light was suddenly radiated by that Flame Dragon Armor.

After the red light appeared on the Flame Dragon Armor, that no one was interested in, it seemed to suddenly release a dense bloody Qi.

However, it was only ever so slightly. After that, the Flame Dragon Armor returned to normal and the light dispersed.

The bloody smell, that had been released by the Flame Dragon Armor in the counter, was covered up by the counter, and no one noticed it.

Only a light suddenly flashed through the ash grey eyes of Lai Yi. He took a deep breath, as if he was trying to calm down the excitement in his heart as he repeatedly looked around his surroundings.

At the same time.

Nie Tian, who was in a corner of the Ling Bao Court, had used his mental awareness to sense the drop of blood within the animal bone that he was holding. The expression in his eyes suddenly changed.

His strand of mental awareness entered the drop of blood within the dragon bone, and unexpectedly saw a dark-brown armor that appeared somewhat broken.

Furthermore, he faintly felt that, that piece of armor… was currently in the Ling Bao Court!

“A piece of armor unexpectedly caused the animal bone to have a reaction! That thing is absolutely not ordinary!”

Nie Tian was suddenly excited. He withdrew his consciousness, that had entered the drop of blood. After that, he carefully kept the dragon bone.

Shortly after, he immediately went towards the area that was selling middle and high ranked spirit equipment.

Previously, after he had left the Pill Building, he had followed Liu Yan to stroll around many stone buildings that were selling low ranked spirit equipments. In those stone buildings, he didn’t see that strange armor that appeared slightly broken.

And so, he believed that, if that piece of armor was truly in the Ling Bao Court, it would definitely be in the area that sold middle and high ranked spirit equipment.

After that, he unhurriedly roamed about the stone buildings that sold middle and high ranked spirit equipments, his eyes paying attention to the peculiar armors.

After a short moment, Nie Tian arrived at the stone building that Luo Xin and Shi Yi were at. He looked towards the armor within the counter.

“It’s that piece!”

Quickly, he discovered the counter, that had no one in front of it, and saw the piece of armor that had appeared in the dragon bone.

He directly walked towards it.

“Nie Tian!” The moment Luo Xin noticed him, she put down the armor in her hands and walked towards him, “Why did you come here? Shouldn’t you be with Senior Brother Liu Yan, buying the Spirit Accumulation Pill?”

“Nie Tian…”

Many Refining Masters within the Treasure Court as well as some people that came from the Grey Valley and the Black Mist Palace curiously looked over after hearing this name.

After all, everyone knew what kind of special existence the Lingyun Sect’s Wu Ji was.

The Lingyun Sect hadn’t hesitated to break a rule, that had been adhered to for several tens of years for a disciple of a subordinate clan, as they brought Nie Tian up the mountain in advance. Furthermore, once he had walked up the mountain, he had been instantly taken in as a disciple of Wu Ji.

This matter had already been spread around the four sects. As long as one knew Wu Ji, they would also know of the name Nie Tian.

They were also very curious and wanted to see how special this guy, who was highly regarded by Wu Ji, was.

“Sister Xin, you guys are also here.” Nie Tian greeted them and stood at the counter that exhibited the Flame Dragon Armor. He waved his hand to call over a nearby Refining Master and said: “Take this armor for me.”

The eyes of the foreign Lianqi Warrior, Lai Yi, who was standing in the corner, suddenly brightened up as he fixed his eyes on Nie Tian.

“You want this piece of armor?” Luo Xin walked up and slightly furrowed her brows. She advised: “This armor is too expensive, it’s not worth that price. Nie Tian, don’t simply choose spirit equipment. I feel that you should let Senior Brother Liu Yan take you around, so that you won’t suffer a loss due to not knowing the market price.”

The other people all used an astonished gaze to look at him, and occasionally looked at the Flame Dragon Armor within the counter.

These people had also noticed the Flame Dragon Armor not long after they had entered. However, when they clearly saw the Grade of the Flame Dragon Armor and the price on the jade tablet, they had immediately lost interest in it.

They were like Luo Xin and also thought that if they had nine thousand spirit stones, they would choose higher graded spirit equipment.

“Sister Luo, I like this item, this is what I want.” Nie Tian smiled and didn’t believe in Luo Xin’s advice. He spoke towards the Treasure Court’s Refining Master, “This is what I want.”

That Refining Master from the Treasure Court was called Zu Qing. He was the disciple of the Treasure Court’s strongest Refining Master, Fang Hui.

Not only was Zu Qing the person responsible for this floor, he also knew that his master Fang Hui and Wu Ji were old friends. In the past, he had also received kindness from Wu Ji. Therefore, after Luo Xin had confirmed that the youngster was Nie Tian, he decided to serve him especially well.

“This thing… might not be suitable for you.” Zu Qing shot a glance towards Lai Yi, who was in the corner. He didn’t help Lai Yi peddle the item. Instead, he said, “Nie Tian, my master and your master have an intimate friendship. If it was someone else, I absolutely wouldn’t have said anything more. However, since it’s you… I’ll say a few more things.”

“This item doesn’t belong to our Treasure Court, it’s being sold by someone else. First of all, its price isn’t worth nine thousand spirit stones. In addition, it’s extremely heavy. Even Houtian, Zhongtian, and Xiantian Realm Lianqi Warriors will feel strained when wearing it.”

“Currently, you haven’t even stepped into the Houtian Realm. Once you wear this armor, you might not even be able to move your body at all.”

“Also, besides its exceptional toughness, it has no other use.”

“Nie Tian, I’ll advise you to look at other armors and pick something else.”

Zu Qing was very sincere, as he advised Nie Tian, hoping for him to not choose this Flame Dragon Armor, as he believed that buying this item would be a big loss for Nie Tian.

“So it’s Senior Brother Zu.” Nie Tian first slightly bent his body. After that, he rubbed his head and spoke with an embarrassed expression, “However, I like this item. Senior Brother Zu, can you just sell this armor to me and pretend like I have a child’s temper?”

Once he said that, he handed his master’s command medallion over to Zu Qing.

Zu Qing’s expression was helpless, as he nodded his head and said: “I hope that you won’t regret it in the future.”

“Thanks, Senior Brother Zu.” Nie Tian said at once.

Zu Qing took the command medallion and put it on a piece of greenrock under the counter for three seconds, before he returned it back to Nie Tian. After that, he helped Nie Tian take out the Flame Dragon Armor, “Try it, can you carry it?”

Nie Tian extended his hand and grabbed the dark-brown Flame Dragon Armor. He used his strength to lift it, but discovered that the Flame Dragon Armor unexpectedly didn’t move at all.


He softly cried out, and was currently using strength to pinch it. All of the surrounding people looked at him. He suddenly gave up and said: “Senior Brother Zu, I’ll have to trouble you for a moment to ask someone to help me send this armor back to my temporary residence.”

“This child…” Zu Qing shook his head, as if he felt that using a large amount of money to buy an armor that wouldn’t move at all was simply a waste of his master’s spirit stones, “You go first, I’ll arrange for someone to send it over later.”

“Many thanks to Senior Brother Zu.”


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Editor: Slutty Sietse
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